Week 11

Post date: Feb 8, 2013 5:02:50 PM

Newsletter Week 11 - 14th January

Hoodies, Montanes and Rash Vests

On the forum there will be a post coming up about buying all this club merchandise! Montanes will cost you around £70 (price to be confirmed), this includes embroidery of your name and LUCC on the back. The online shop will open for Hoodies soon, all information for this will be put up onto the forum within the next week. As a club we also have our own Rash Vests which we use in polo tournaments so we look like a team, but are also great for just using in the pool etc. These rashies are black, long or short sleeved with Lancaster down one, your initials on the other (in red) and a red rose on the front right breast. The designs and sizing will be posted on the forum within the next week!

Nominations for Exec

Would you like to be a part of LUCC exec? It's a great opportunity to get more involved with the club, have more of an input in the running of the club and a good laugh. A nomination sheet will be posted up outside the Sports Activity office in the Bunker (Lusu office under spa) at the end of this week. To become a candidate 2 members of the club must nominate you for the position (if you would really like to go for a place just ask a couple of people!). A post about what positions you can go for and details about what the job entails will be posted on the forum.

Fixing polo boats

Anyone who would like to give Laura a hand helping to fix polo boats, it would be greatly appreciated! Drop her a message, it's a good skill to learn of you would like to get more involved in the running of the club!


Would you like to learn how to be a life-guard? It's a useful thing to put on your CV, you could get a job from the Sports Centre and it's helpful for the club to run regular pool session. If you would like to learn more about this ask a member of the exec or drop Beefy a message.

One Star Assessment

To all beginners - soon there will be a chance to get your first qualification through the club! Details about costing and dates will be posted on the forum, this is just to let you know to watch out for it.


BUCS slalom sign up is now on the forum! This is an inter-university competition that takes place every year and is taking place from the 16th - 17th February. If you don't know much about slalom then check out the information Dani has posted on the forum or watch some youtube videos. Sign-up soon so you don't miss out!

There is a polo competition happening on the 13th and 14th of July in Italy. If you would be interested in taking part then there will be an interest post with more information but please also contact Dani, this can only go ahead if there is enough interest!

River Trips

This weeks river trip will be a trip to Halton and potentially the rapids. Sign up is on the forum, but it looks like it's going to be sunny so it'll be a fun trip out!


This weeks social will be a trip to the cinema to watch a film (of your choice, vote on the forum). For all you non-film goers then there will be drinks in Friary afterwards so hopefully see you all there!


The club is hoping to hold a EGM on Wednesday of week 12. The reason for this EGM is to change some of the exec positions within the club with a view to having a Polo Secretary who will oversee all things polo, that is the organising of polo competitions, the repairs of the boats and maintenance of kit, and encouraging the participation of the sport and weekly fitness training.

To allow this to happen we are proposed that the roles are training officer and competitions captain are amalgamated to create one Competitions and Training Secretary and all the polo related business from both roles will be taken on by the Polo Secretary. This should leave us having more representation for Polo on the exec whilst maintaining a balance of the workloads within these positions.

If anyone would like to comment on the proposal prior to the EGM, there will be a section within the announcements for those with thoughts and suggestions.

Resignation - A Message from Alex

Our president Alex has been struggling with his health and feels that he cannot continue with his role. As elections for the next exec happens in week 13 we will not be voting in anyone else for this role but sharing his responsibilities among the rest of the exec. This is a message from Alex:

"Unfortunately I’ve been suffering with health problems since having glandular fever over the summer, at the end of last term and over Christmas I began to struggle more than previously and it reached a point where I had to fac e the fact that I couldn’t keep everything going. I’m saddened that I couldn’t last the remainder of my presidency but I’m sure you will understand this has been a hard call to make, but I know that I’m leaving the club in the mostly safe hands of the rest of the exec. I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the club over the past year making it the great group of people it is, and I look forward to getting back involved with the club when I’m able to."

There is a lot happening in the club at the moment. Please keep checking the forum regularly, we do not want you to miss out on anything that is happening especially as you are given plenty of notice to get involved! If you try to sign up to anything after sign up has closed then you will not be included.

Much love,

The Exec x