Week 3 Newsletter

Post date: Oct 23, 2011 1:08:55 PM

Pool sessions

This coming week our pool sessions will be splitting into polo and river skills sessions. Monday and Friday will be polo and Tuesday and Sunday will be River skills. If you are a fresher and feel that you can confidently control the direction and speed of your boat, then come along and give polo a go, but if you are still a bit unsure then maybe have another week or twos practice in the river skills sessions, as throwing a ball around and focusing on paddling can get a bit complicated at first!

River trips

This coming Saturday (29/10/2011) we will be going to Bury Burrs, and if you are a fresher planning on coming along to Tyne tour, it is advised that you come along on this trip to get a taste of white water. We will be meeting at 9am at the old sports centre, sign up and more details will be going on the forum within the next few days.

Tyne tour – The actual sign up for Tyne tour has been on the forum for a few days now, and will be closing around the end of next week. The full cost of the trip (exc food and drink) will be £45 to cover your transport costs, your ticket to the Ceilidh, the access to the river for the day and the camping pitch costs. You will need to pay a £15 deposit to Rhys before Friday 28th of October.


This coming THURSDAY (27/10/2011) we will be having a joint social with the Boat club. We will be meeting at 7.30pm in Lonsdale Bar, but if you don’t know where this is Lydia (the boat clubs social sec, distinctive blondy/brown curly hair) will be meeting people outside the library at 7.15pm. We will be playing a game in each bar on campus before catching the bus to Revs. If you can sign up on the forum by the 25th we can put your name onto the guest list which will get you cheaper entry. I hear they are giving away free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream if that helps sway you…

Also, the sign up is still on for our week 4 social, the discount night to brookbank. We will be meeting at 6.30pm by the new sports centre on Wednesday the 2nd of November, and if you would like a lift in the minibus/pizza you need to get yourself signed up on the forum!


This week’s fitness session is tbc, but check the forum Monday night or keep an eye on the facebook page for details.


Wild Water Race – Sign up for this is on the forum now. It will be on the weekend of the 25th(evening) -27th on November. You should be confident on grade 3 water to enter this competition, but more details for this are on the forum post. Sign up for this will close on the 31st of October, and you will need to pay Rhys the £20 camping costs for this by then.

FOA - This week the sign up for our first FOA will be going up. This is a friendly polo competition in Liverpool on Sunday 13th November. Even if you are a complete beginner and have never played polo before feel free to sign up and come along and give it a go! Our polo sessions will be starting in week 3 so you will have two weeks to get the hang of it.

Much Love,

The Exec x