Newsletter week 27

Post date: Jun 6, 2011 8:10:31 PM


Sign up is still open for the second Alps training trip which will be on this weekend (11/06/2011) which will be to the Washburn as it is definitely releasing. Unfortunately there will be a cost of about £9 to get on the river exc. petrol, so don’t forget to bring money with you!

There is a possibility of another trip on Wednesday or Friday but keep an eye on the forum for more details of this.


On Wednesday (08/06/2011) we will be meeting at the Friary for a bar crawl around town

You also have until the 13th of June to sign up for the pudding bar crawl!

The sign up for the end of term meal will be opening in the next few days, the deadline for paying for this will be the 17th of June.


Safety talk

This Thursday (09/06/2011) there is a safety talk which is compulsory for anyone going to the Alps. It will be at 6.30 pm in Furness lecture theatre 2. If you have not handed copies of your documents (passport/EHIC/travel insurance) to Becky by now it would be good if this could be done by this date!


The nicknames have now been decided on and are on the forum for you to see! If you have any objections/wish to have any changed, then you will have to let us know by the 9th of June.


The actual sign up for the lifeguard course will be going up tonight/tomorrow. It really is a great thing to do, as it will enhance your CV, possibly get you a well paid job in the new sports centre, and it is vital to the running of pool sessions that we have our own lifeguards.

Much Love,

The Exec x