Newsletter Week 25

Post date: May 22, 2012 1:25:58 PM

Friday the 25th's pool session is unfortunately cancelled, sorry for the inconvenience.

River trips

This weeks trip is to Halton to have a mess around on the river/ weir. If it's nice it's a chance to have a picnic or a BBQ, and basically enjoy the sunshine!

Club Kit

This week we are doing an inventory! If anyone has any club kit then let Dave or Laura know and it can be arranged to be collected.


Due to lack of interest we will not be competing in Liverpool International this year


This weeks social is starting with a bit of food in the Pendle Witch at 7:30, we will then go onto drink in various pubs. It will start as a quiet social, but will possibly end in Hustle or Sugar! If you fancy a quick break from revision then come down for a drink.

Also, happy birthday to Rachel Ward for Wednesday!

Much love,

The Exec x