Newsletter Week 19

Post date: Mar 12, 2012 7:04:18 PM


This weeks training is a run at 5.30 followed by a swim at 6pm on Tuesday. Also, if you want to do WWSR there will be a sign-up on the forum, this is for those who definitely wanting to do this course. There is another opportunity to do a life-guarding course for the club, if anyone is interested contact David.


This weeks social is an easter meal at the Torjan horse. It is on Friday 16th this week, if anyone is interested then sign-up on the forum!

River Trips

This week there will be a beginners trip to the Halton. More information will be on the forum, there will be a sign-up post on the forum with more details.


If you still owe the club money then pay-up!! Laura is going to continue naming and shaming people who have out-standing debts. She is very easy to get hold of if you have any queries!


Unfortunately due to lack of safety, we will not be doing a trip to the Alps in the summer.

Much love,

The Exec x