Newsletter Week 16

Post date: Feb 20, 2012 9:16:03 PM


As pancake day is this week, we will be holding a pancake making social on Wednesday! It will be on campus (location tbc), keep checking the forum to find out where exactly it will be. Please bring toppings for pancakes!


Please can everyone who owes money to the club please pay up asap. If you are unsure of how much you owe, consult with Laura! She is on the case and will make people pay up by any means!


Training this week is a run at 5.30pm and tennis at 6pm on Tuesday. Also, if you are interested in doing First Aid or White Water Rescue courses an interest post will go up on the forum soon.


Well done to the slalomers from this weekend at BUCs, as a university we came 17th in the competition! There is another competition this weekend, we have a friendly polo match which we would love people to come and get involved in/support, more information is posted in up on the forum! But even if you do not play polo, it would be very much appreciated if you could come and cheer our team on!


As the water-levels are rising at the moment, it is uncertain what trip we would be able to run this weekend. There will be a post later in the week about if and where we will be running a trip.

Kit Re-call

There is still missing kit and we need it to be returned asap! If you have any please bring it to any pool session or give it back to any exec member.

Cancelled Pool Session

This Sunday's pool session is cancelled due to the friendly polo game, however please still come along and support our team!

Much love!

The exec