Newsletter - Week 12

Post date: Jan 25, 2011 9:38:40 PM

Pool Sessions

POLO: Monday, 7.45-8.45am

POLO: Friday, 7.45-8.30am

RIVER SKILLS: Tuesday, 7.45-8.30am

RIVER SKILLS: Sunday, 5-6.15pm >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Cancelled due to President's Trip

POLO FITNESS SESSION: Tuesday, 6pm-7.30pmish outside the sports centre every week. IMPORTANT for polo players, but everyone is welcome!

See the polo forum each week for training details.

River Trips

There is no Wednesday trip this week.

President's Trip: 28th - 30th January

Everyone should have paid their deposits by now (£10) and should be paying the total amount to Chris before this weekend.

Details will be sent out nearer the time about car groups, boat pick-ups, and meeting places and times.


Wednesday: Meet at Top Spoons at 8pm for a bit of chit-chat and some social drinking!


Club hoodies are now for sale featuring 3 different designs!

Price: About £20ish depending on numbers

Colour, size and the name going on the hoody: You can pick and choose!

See the forum under Announcements for more details!

Deadline for hoody orders: Friday 28th January

Montane Jackets

As many members may see, we do have club jackets from Mardale. This year we are buying a similar style jackets from Montane!

If you are interested in buying one of these, which will be embroidered will the University logo, go on to the forum under Announcements to read the specification for the jackets and to find out more information.

Deadline for jackets: Wednesday 26th January but asap please!

BUCS Slalom

Sign up for slalom is now on the Rivers forum.

If you like paddling, and spinning around poles, this is the competition for you!

Date: 26th/27th February

Cost: £7

Deadline: Monday 7th February

NAKED (..I mean National) Student Rodeo 2011 - aka NSR

Sign up for NSR is up on the Rivers forum!

For those of you who have not experienced this - it is amazing.

A weekend competition for free style, play boating, and swimming in style!

Date: 4th-6th March

Cost: £50 (see forum for what it includes)

Do you want to be on the Exec??

For those of you who are interested, sign up sheets for a position are up outside the Sports Association office (aka the AU office) in the LUSU building and they will be up until next week.

Hustings will take place: Wednesday 2nd February, Furness LT 2, 7pm.

There will be a social afterwards on campus!

Much love and stuff,

The Exec

x x x x