Lancaster Dolphins INC 
Youth Football & Cheer Programs

About US:
The Lancaster Dolphins inc. Youth Football & Cheer is a non-profit organization. Our Mission is to promote a strong anti- drug, anti-gang, and a SANE environment for our youth that are ages 5-17. To do this we have developed a program which offers our youth in the community the ability to participate in activities which requires teamwork and self-discipline. 

How It Works?
Our athletic program divides each youth participant into separate categories depending on age, height, weight, and skills levels. Our teams are encouraged to work side by side with one another while reinforcing the foundations of being a tactical learner. All of which our children will carry forward into their future lives.

How You Can Show Your Support:
There are many expenses to be met by our organization. In the current economy, we do our best to keep our costs as low as possible for our parents. However, though it is our goal to keep costs low we are always looking for individuals who can donate their time, materials, or financial resources. All financial contribution are greatly appreciated as it will help us cover some of our costs or may assist with another child being allowed to participate.

Check Our Team Out In Action