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Lancaster Dolphins INC 
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Lancaster Dolphins INC

The Lancaster Dolphins inc. Youth Football & cheer is a non-profit organization. Our Mission is to promote a strong anti- drug, anti-gang and SANE environment for our young people ages 5 -14. We encourage our children to work side by side with each other learning teamwork, discipline an strong sense of community involvement. All of which will carry forward into their future lives.

There are many expenses to be met by our organization. In our current economy, we do our best to keep our cost low as possible for our parent. This places a heavy burden on us and made the need to rely on outside support even more evident. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated as it will help us cover some of our cost or allow a child to participate.

we welcome all inquiries and are ready to answer any question you have regarding possible participation in our program. 

Board Members:
President & Owner: Gamaliel Serrato Zuniga
Vice Precident: Heli Z. Serrato Zuniga
Treasurer: Audrey Grant
Financial Advisor: Maria Serrato
Athle. Dir.: James Daniel Smith
Coach Rep: Bryan Cardiel
Player Agent: Nicoli Cardenas
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