SPORTSHALL ATHLETICS is to introduce children to the joys of athletics within the sportshall environment. It provides the opportunity for young people to try running, jumping and throwing activities as their first steps into athletics. Taking part introduces them to the thrill of Track and Field events in a safe, warm and dry environment. Anyone who has attended a sportshall athletic Match will be impressed with the special spirit of excitement and the fun the children display. It is an enjoyable stepping-stone at the start of a young athlete’s career. It encourages and emphasises the importance of representing your club in a team competition with fair play and the fact that taking part and trying your hardest is more important than winning alone. It offers fun competitive events that not only enables the children to compete individually but also as part of a team. Above all sportshall is an event the whole family can enjoy. It’s certainly the noisiest and most enthusiastic supporters in the country. It caters for athletes from the ages of 8 to 15 yrs and also gives the 13 to 15yrs of age a bit of a fun break away from their hectic winter training schedules.

An Athlete of the Match T-shirt is presented at every meeting for individuals of every age group, boys and girls. Each athlete can take part in 4 events plus a relay.

Lancashire Sportshall League is made up of club and school teams across the Lancashire County with approx 250 athletes attending. There is 3 meetings, 1st in November, 2nd in January and 3rd in February.

Some people call this CHAOS, but we like to call it ORGANIZED CHAOS

          Athletes are also selected to represent the Lancashire County Squad through performances from these meetings.


UNDER 11;- 1 and 3 lap, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, sitting ball throw, chest push, target throw, balance test, hi-stepper, foam javelin and 4 x 1 obstacle relay.

UNDER 13;- 2, 4 and 6 lap, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, high jump, shot and 4 x 2 relay.

UNDER 15;- 2 and 4 lap, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce, shot and 4 x 2 relay.


  1.  Top six athletes in each event score i.e. 7,5,4,3,2,1.
  2. Only best two team members in each event to score team points.
  3. Teams score match points i.e. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1. 
  4. League Champions to be best total match points over three matches.
  5.  All four individual scores on the day count for "Athlete of the Match Awards"
  6.  No athlete may win more than one "Athlete of the Match Award" in a single season.
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For more information please take a look at the National Sportshall Website;