Welcome to our Companion Website to
Lan Cao's Monkey Bridge

This site is dedicated to the critical analysis of
Lan Cao
's book Monkey Bridge which recounts the experience of migration of a Vietnamese mother and her daughter to the United States.
The menu on the left-hand side is intended to provide General Resources on Lan Cao's novel, including a summary of the book, a list of important characters and themes, some background information on the Vietnamese migration to the United States, on Vietnamese American literature, and on the history of Vietnam, as well as a glossary of terms, to name just a few.
This site was created by Cal Poly Pomona students enrolled in English 425 in Spring 2010. Click here to learn more about this website's contributors.
Taught by Dr. Lise-Hélène Smith, English 425 focuses on narratives of war and exile in World Literature. 
 Our English 425 class was divided into 5 groups, which were each in charge of designing a new book cover for Monkey Bridge. Clicking on the actual cover, displayed below and to the right, will enhance its size.
The title above each cover corresponds to the individual groups' focus or underlying concept as expressed through their book cover. Clicking on each group's title will reveal the group's rationale for its design. 
Clicking on the groups' individual titles will also reveal each group's favorite quotes, discussion questions, critical
analyses, and artistic insights.
Browse each group's page to discover its members' individual contributions such as Vietnamese art work, an aerial map of Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta, an online quiz on Monkey Bridge, a video about the Vietnam war, an interview of Vietnamese refugees, and much more...    
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In the words of Lan Cao herself:
"Imagine my surprise when I accidentally found this amazing website dedicated to my novel Monkey Bridge. The comments and analytical essays, along with the art work and web design, are not only inspirational but also demonstrate hard work, keen insight, and much creativity on the part of the students, under the wonderful guidance of their professor."

Check out our renditions of 
the original book cover below! 

                The Language of Exile