Lana 2010

Welcome  to our Radl-tour!

 August 23rd through August 29th 2010


We are 2 bicyclists, doing the Lana tour.
Starting: August 23rd
Return: September 1st 2010
Heide, age 47, gardener
Iris, age 65, retired
and the gang:
Ernstl, Schurli, Franz & Edi
Bicycle Tour to Lana (Southern Tyrol)
Distance: Total 590 Kilometers
Review of the bike tour to Lana

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - retired

The  gang:


we have met Raimund and Wolfgang
we had a wonderful walk at the Vilser Joch



pictures from the 'Mendel & Gampen' days...:


pictures from the 'Stelvio & Rescia' days...:
'car free' - day on Stelvio (every year the last Saturday in August - this year August 28th 2010)


23. 08. 2010

Monday travel day – night train to Innsbruck

Train details:


Innsbruck Hbf
23.08.10 ab 22:44, an 25.08.10 05:40


24. 08. 2010


2. day:

leave train at Passo Brennero

downhill to Sterzing and further to Klausen

did the climb with all my luggage to Wolkenstein and met Heide

night at Zuegg family, Lana, St.Peterweg 12

distance: 100 kilometers


25. 08. 2010


3. day:

we will start on Mendelpass and back home to Lana via Gampenpass.

distance: 100 kilometers


26. 08. 2010


4. day:

All our guys have been tired, so we went down the wonderful Adige bike path to Trento

distance: 80 kilometers


27. 08. 2010


5. day:

our bike guys have decided to take a little tour to Kaltern, whilst we had a walk to the Vilser Joch.

Heide did something else: she made a downwalk all the way though, what makes her knee hurt...

Too much - is too much!

distance 80 kilometers


28. 08. 2010


6. day

On this day the road at Stilfser Joch is closed for motor vehicles…

We go by train (start in Marling) to Spondinig (nearby Prat at the Stilfser Joch Strasse)

We will participate the public climb to Stilfser Joch.

Back home via Umbrail and Münstertal (Swiss). A long downhill near the Eisack river to Meran and Lana.

distance: 145 kilometers


29. 08. 2010


7. day:

our day of departure!

Again with the train from marling to Mals.

Then the wonderfull bikepath to the Reschen summit.

The Inntalradweg leads us to Landeck, whereas we catch the train to Vienna

Train details:

29.08.10 ab 17:24, an 29.08.22:40

distance: 85 kilometers