A Roadbike Tour

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our bike vacation: 27th of August through Sept. 4th 2011
Stelvio bike day: 3rd of September 2011

Heide, gardener, age 47
Iris, age 66, retired

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Road bike Tour to Lana (Italy)
Review of the bike Tour

The Stelvio road is known as a pioneer effort of making mountain roads. The road has been built in only 5 years, from 1820 to 1825 by the Italian engineer Carlo Donegani. During the times of the Viennese congress the cities Spondinig and Bormio have been established in order to allow regular horse change for the usual post lines touching this route.

The road is in total 49,24 kilometers in length. 48 serpentines (needle curves) leading up to the highest elevation of 2.763 meters. The road connects three valleys: Vintschgau valley, Müstair valley and the Veltin valley.

The Stelvio road is known as the ‘crown’-section from the Giro d`Italia.

Presently the road is partly under construction as it is planned to establish a European panorama road.

Lana has been our domicile.

Our travel to Lana: by train and bicycle.

Leaving Vienna by night train, which arrives very early in the morning at Innsbruck: 4:17 hrs.

Still dark!

We ride in night time the old Brenner road.

Just beautiful.

We experienced a lot of traffic from people sparing the toll for the freeway…

But, we earned our award on the downhill of the newly erected bicycle path at the Brenner road down to Vipiteno (Sterzing).

Continued riding down the Eisack valley to Bolzano on the bicycle path.

Arriving at Lana with a lot of day kilometers: nearly 160.

1st set of photos - Brennero to Lana:



2nd set of photos - hike at the Vigil Joch:


some like it hot...:
or: maybe this are the right shoes to hike a mountain...
(seen on an Vigil Joch hiker...)


The bike gang:


3rd set of photos - riding passo Pallade and Mendel from Mezzocorona:


4th set of photos - riding the Vintschgau and Schnalstal valley:


5th set of photos - 2000 years old larch trees at St. Gertraud (Ultental):


6th set of photos - Stelvio biking days:

more than 10.000 riders from all over the world...


7th set of photos - some pictures from the organization - Stelvio biking days: