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FOR SALE: Youth size large bee suit with removable veil. Worn no more that 10 times; zipper front, lot of pockets, elastic cuffs and stirrups.Retails for $108, selling for $60. Located in Carleton Place - 613-253-3561 
FOR SALE: Beekeeping Equipment from Highlands Honey (see following list) - Contact Phil Laflamme at 613-272-2091, highlandshoney@storm.ca: 450 Medium 9-frame honey supers $30.00 ea; 1,600 Deep frames with drawn comb (mix of self-spacing & straight end bars) $4.00 ea; 160 Deep supers with 10 frames of drawn comb $50.00 ea; 100 Deep drone frames with drawn comb (for mite control) $4.00 ea; 932 Deep wooden frames without foundation or wire $2.00 ea; Boxes with 10 deep frames $30.00 ea; Deep frame parts (top bars, end bars, bottom bars) new, unassembled $0.75/frame; Deep empty boxes $10.00 ea; Deep utility boxes (non-hive use) $5.00 ea; 6 Screened bottom boards $10.00 ea; 50 Solid bottom boards $10.00 ea; 50 Rims (modified for use as a bottom board) $2.00 ea; 20 Ross Round comb honey supers with frames $20.00 ea; 20 Shallow comb honey supers (no frames) $10.00 ea; 56 Shallow cut comb honey supers with frames (no wax) $20.00 ea; 40 Inner covers $5.00 ea.; 30 Telescoping covers $12.00 ea; 6 Pollen traps (wooden bottom style with back-access drawer) $20.00 ea; 30 Queen excluders (metal) $10.00 ea; 30 Triangular bee escape boards $12.00 ea; 1 Metal 8'x8'x20' (1,170 cu ft) shed $1,500.00; 1 Trailer, storage $500.00 ea; 2 Board and batten sheds, 10x10 $1,000.00 ea; 3 Flexinet electric fences (50m length) $100.00ea; 5 Parmak mag 12 fencers $75.00 ea; 5 7-w att solar panels $50.00 ea; 5 12-volt deep cycle batteries $50.00 ea; 50 Winter wraps (bubble, covers two colonies) $20.00 ea. Honey House and Extracting Equipment: 2 Uncapping planes $100.00 ea; 2 500-lb. stainless steel settling tank (contains lead seams) $50.00 ea; 1 24-frame electric extractor (contains lead seams) $100.00; 1 Digital scale $100.00; 1 500-lb. Maxant bottling tank $1,500.00; 1 Electric wax melter $500.00; 1 Maxant Jr. Wax Spinner $1,500.00; 1 Honey drum cart $250.00; 170 Empty food-grade pails with lids (used) $2.00 ea; 30 Drip pallets $15.00 ea. Nuc & Queen Rearing Equipment & Feeders: 65 Double nuc boxes (deep, 4 frames per) with inner covers & telescoping lids $30.00ea; 40 Double nuc box supers (deep, 4 frames per) $15.00ea; 16 2 x deep 5-frame nuc boxes with inner cover & attached bottom board, with telescoping lid that covers the pair $30.00 ea; 30 Deep 4-frame nuc boxes, assembled with entrance disc (new) $20.00 ea; 100 Cell bars (no cups) $0.20 ea; 30 Cell bar frames $2.00 ea; 8 Cloake boards $20.00 ea; 40 Top feeders (variation of Miller-style) $10.00 ea; 30 Masonite frame feeders $2.00 ea; 25 Plastic cap & ladder frame feeders $5.00 ea.  
FOR SALE: Nucs and queens, 2016. Nucs ready around May 15, $150; Queens ready around May 10, $25. Pick up in Mississauga or will deliver. Contact Michael Dovbenyuk: 647-293-0874, dovbenyuk@yahoo.com 
FOR SALE: All new equipment: 20 bottom boards $15.00each; 40 Painted Hive Bodies 9 5/8"Deep $20.00each; 20 Inside Covers $10.00each; 20 Telescoping Top Covers with Metal Top $20.00each; 500 Assembled frames deep with waxed Rite-Cell plastic foundations $3.25each; 15 Wooden Nuc painted Boxes (4 frames) with Inside lid and Top Metal Lid $25.00each Clement O'Rourke, 1466 Conc 9A Drummond, Perth, Ontario K7H 3C8 phone #613-267-6314 
WORK WANTED: Experienced beekeeper from the Philippines looking for work. Contact Christopher C. Cabuenas: Phone: 639253380208; Email: myapiary.christopher0306@gmail.com; Website: http”//midtownchurchofgodbeekeepingoutreach.weebly.com/ 
BEE YARD AVAILABLE: My husband and I would love to have bees on our property. We are located outside of Perth, close to Brooke Valley. We have lived here for 30 years. Our farm is not certified organic however we have never used chemicals on our property nor have our neighbours. If anyone is interested please contact us: Mary and Don McDougall(613-267-4224) donmcdougall@storm.ca 
WANTED: I am hoping you can help. I am a new member of the Newbattle Abbey beekeepers and EMBA and am looking for a nuc. My hive is a langstroth hive which is not that common im Scotland. Is there any way of asking your association if there are any bees in langstroth frames? Contact Kimberley Moore Ede <kmooreede@yahoo.ca 
FOR SALE: Standard depth boxes with frames, used and inspected 10-frame extractor 613-256-2047 
FOR SALE: Beeswax, Candles, Beepollen, Honey BUSY BEE Beekeeping Supplies, open Tues.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-4 20 Cty Rd 1, Toledo ON, 613-275-1112 www.busybeebeekeepingsupplies.com 
FOR SALE: 2-Frame Manual Extractor (Used), Good Condition, $85.00 Contact Neil 613-315-2688 or neilcarter50@gmail.com 
FOR SALE: Mated Queens, available early June 2016 (weather permitting) Queen Cells available late May 2016 (weather permitting) No minimum order. Pick-up only. Contact Neil 613-315-2688 or neilcarter50@gmail.com 
For Sale: Several hundred new unassembled frames, both 9 1/8 and 6 1/4, wax coated plastic foundation to fit both and several hundred unassembled 6 5/8 supers. Reduced prices to clear excess stock. Taking orders for Spring nucs - Vern Price, Lyndhurst (613) 928-1067 
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