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FOR SALE: Ross Round Kits available. Each kit includes a super and 8 Ross Round frames. Each frame will produce 4 rounds or a total of 32 sections for the full super. I am including the rings, an opaque bottom cover, a clear top cover and a label for each section. Foundation for each frame is also included. Everything will be assembled so you need only put the super on a hive to begin production. The super and frames are used. The rings, covers, and labels are new, as is the foundation. The price is $125.00 for the kit. Call or email Neil Carter for more details, 613-315-2688, neilcarter50@gmail.com 
FOR SALE: Limited number of nucs available for sale. 4-frame nucs headed up by an overwintered, Buckfast Queen. Available for pick-up only in early June. Buckfast Queen Cells available in late May. Ontario Buckfast Mated Queens available mid to late June. Call or email Neil Carter for more details, 613-315-2688, neilcarter50@gmail.com. 
BEE YARD AVAILABLE: Landowner in Weymss/Brooke Valley area looking for a beekeeper to place bees on the property. Phone 613-264-0809 
FOR SALE: Ross Round Equipment for sale. Have approximately 14 supers complete with frames and all the rings, covers and generic labels. Would prefer to sell as a complete lot, but will consider breaking it up also. Contact Neil Carter, neilcarter50@gmail.com 613-315-2688 
LOOKING TO BUY: 9- or 10-frame extractor. Contact Ron Sloan at rongsloan@hotmail.com 
FOR SALE: BEE ITEMS: Hive hook tool 10" - $5; Hive hook tool 10" - $10; Frame grip tool - $10; 2 frame grip tools - $5 each; 7" bee smoker - $25; 7" bee smoker $35; Replacement hood for bee suit - $40; Heat control electric knife - $50; Electric uncapping plane - $100; 50 flat metal spacers for 9 frames - $.50 each; 2 double sieve filters (stainless steel) - $25 each; Mini mating nuc boxes with 4 frames - $35; Nuc boxes, 4-frame - $35; 20 3" deep vented inside lids - $30 each; CONTACT CLEM O'ROURKE @ 613-267-6314 or nlsf1978@gmail.com 
FOR SALE: Busy Bee Beekeeping Supplies CANDLE SUPPLIES, BEESWAX, SILICONE CANDLE MOLDS GOOD PRICES, FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE www.busybeebeekeepingsupplies.com www.busybeebeeswax.com 20 County Rd # 1, Toledo, ON K0E 1Y0 email: busybeesupplies@hawkigs.net phone: 613 275 1112 
FOR SALE: Nucs, Queen Cells and Mated Queens Nucs headed by a locally raised, and overwintered Ontario Queen. Ontario standard Nucs availabile late May. Pure bred and hybrid Buckfast Queen Cells available early June. Hybrid Buckfast Mated Queens available late June. Reserve early, limited Quantities. Participating member of the Ontario Honey Bee Resistant Selection Program. Contact Neil Carter neilcarter50@gmail.com 613-315-2688 
FOR SALE: NEW WORLD CARNIOLANS NUCS AND QUEENS Contact: info@forestdewhoney.com Location: Carp, Ontario New world carniolans stock, maintained and vigorously tested locally. Always infuse our stock with new genetics from the New world carniolans program. Our top selection criteria are: hygienic behaviors, mite resistance, docile, swarm tendency and comb building/Honey production. We select our queens and drones mother from the top 5% colonies. Member of the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection Program “ORHBS”. Prices: Overwintered nucs with local queens are $190. Spring nucs with Strachans queens are $180 (discounts available for 20+ nucs). Summer nucs with local queens are $180 (discounts available for 20+ nucs). For more information, please check our web page at http://www.forestdewhoney.com 
FOR SALE: Bees 2018 NUCS - Spring made-up Nucs are supplied with three frames of brood, feed and bees and one empty frame with foundation. To ensure quality, queen performance is evaluated for at least 2 weeks after I assemble them and before the nucs are supplied to beekeepers - no dropping a Queen in a queen cage into a couple of frames of brood and shipping. Ask anyone who has purchased a nuc from me about how it performed. Available late May or the first week of June or sooner if the weather cooperates. $210 SINGLE brood chamber over-wintered colonies in used equipment. Ontario produced queens. These are the same strong, healthy colonies that I use in my honey production operation. Available the end of May on. $300 Place your order early to ensure availability. Brent Halsall ab.halsall@sympatico.ca (613) 821-4336 
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