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FOR SALE 2017 QUEENS AND SPRING NUCS with marked Hutchings Queens for sale. "The Original Canadian Honey Bees" since 1848, Treatment Free. http://debbeesbees.ca/ Nucs - $210 - 4-frame nucs in nuc boxes - Marked, mated Hutchings' Queens from Debbie Hutchings Queens - $40 - Marked, mated Hutchings' Queens from Debbie Hutchings. Now taking orders. Available for pickup in Joyceville, Kanata, and Munster late May/early June, weather allowing. Kanata and Munster pickup: Contact Graeme Peterson bees@gridly.ca cell: (613) 240-0317 Joyceville pickup: Contact Nora Peterson bees@gridly.ca cell: (613) 328-8563 
FOR SALE CARNIOLAN NUCS AND QUEENS - Our instrumentally inseminated New World Carniolan breeder queens are obtained directly from the New World Carniolan breeding program. They are kept and tested for one year by the New World Carniolan. - Our drone mother queens are pure New World Carniolans. We keep them for a year before we use them; we never treat them. They have to pass multiple liquid nitrogen tests for hygienic behavior and Varroa mite count below 1% during the months of April-September. They should also be extremely high honey producers. We are a member of the Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection Program “ORHBS” Overwintered nuc with local queens $180 Spring nuc with imported queen $160 Queens are from http://www.strachanbees.com/ Local queen $45 Queens are available July-September, Overwintered nucs are available in May. We are located west of Ottawa. Shipping charges are extra. For more information please email info@forestdewhoney.com 
FOR SALE NUCS, SINGLES, BROOD BOXES AND SUPERS: NUCS - Spring made-up Nucs (three frames of brood, feed and bees) and one empty frame with foundation (total 4 frames) and a California Olivarez Queen (Italian Minnesota Hygienic by VSH Drones) To ensure quality, queen performance is evaluated for 2 to 3 weeks after I assemble the nucs and before they are supplied to beekeepers - no dropping a queen in a queen cage into a couple of frames of brood and shipping. Available late May or the first week of June or sooner if the weather cooperates. Place your order early to ensure availability. $205 SINGLE brood chamber over-wintered colonies in used equipment. Hybrid Ontario-produced queens produced in my operation. These are the same strong, healthy colonies that I use in my honey production operation. Available the end of May on. $300 BROOD BOXES (good used boxes) with 6 or 10 built combs that your nuc can be installed into to give it a head start. Bees installed on built comb can immediately produce more bees rather than using energy and resources building comb thereby delaying development of the colony. $45 to $75 HONEY SUPERS (good used boxes)) with 9 built combs (mostly with wooden frames and beeswax foundation). Bees can spend their time collecting and storing honey rather than expending energy and resources building comb. $60 to $70 Brent Halsall ab.halsall@sympatico.ca 613-821-4336 
FOR SALE BACKWOODS HONEY SPRING NUCS AND QUEEN BEES 4-Frame Nuc with 2017 queen $185.00 2017 queen $25.00 Queens and Nucs will be ready for pickup first part of June or earlier depending on spring weather conditions. Please contact Terri Wright by phone (613)464-1959 or email ctwright@rogers.com 
FOR SALE LOCAL ONTARIO MATED QUEENS AND QUEEN CELLS Selected for: • • Hygienic Behavior • • Overwintering Behavior • • Honey Production Available late June until September Will be selling limited number of Buckfast Hybrids in 2017 Contact: Neil Carter Carter Bees & Honey 613-315-2688 neilcarter50@gmail.com 
BEE YARD AVAILABLE: My husband and I would love to have bees on our property. We are located outside of Perth, close to Brooke Valley. We have lived here for 30 years. Our farm is not certified organic however we have never used chemicals on our property nor have our neighbours. If anyone is interested please contact us: Mary and Don McDougall(613-267-4224) donmcdougall@storm.ca 
FOR SALE: Beeswax, Candles, Beepollen, Honey BUSY BEE Beekeeping Supplies, open Tues.-Fri. 9-5, Sat. 9-4 20 Cty Rd 1, Toledo ON, 613-275-1112 www.busybeebeekeepingsupplies.com 
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