BeeDry winter wraps

posted Nov 16, 2011, 1:22 PM by Lanark County Beekeepers Association
Debbie Hutchings is taking orders for Bee Dry wraps, which are a top cover insert, and a radiant foil insulation hive wrap, with a moisture control pillow. The pillow wicks away condensation (moisture) build up in hive, trapping it in the pillow.  Therefore bees won't get wet and freeze. Helps keep air at constant temperature inside hive by reflecting radiant heat of bees back to the cluster, at the same time reflecting outside temperature away from the hive.
* double brood cover $15.00ea.
* single brood box cover $10.00ea.
* Bee Dry top pillow $15.00ea.
Bee Dry is reuseable, instructions provided.

BeeDry covers

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