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Missions Ministry

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:   Matthew 28:19

    One of the commands that the Lord has given is to take the Gospel to the World.  Lanakila is committed to sending missionaries around the world as our representatives.  Over 40 families make up our Mission “Ohana”.    Working together we have been able to impact the world.

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Missionary's NameFieldWebsite
Missionary's NameFieldWebsite
Bill and Dorothy Merritt S.M.O.R. Minstry  
Bob & Janice Marshall Wales  
Bob & Sandy Fraizer Mexico  
Boyd & Donna Lyons Philippines  
Bruce & Sue Rosko South Korea  
Cherie Espinosa Argentina  
Craig & Fran Lingo Columbia  
Dan & Louise Freeman Taiwan  
Dan & Patty Peters Hungary http://www.bbfi-europe.org/Peters_Dan/ 
Dan & Rachael Smith Portugal http://www.teamportugal.com/ 
Dave & Sue Reese Philippines/China  
David & Terri Green Taiwan http://www.bbfi-asia.org/Green/ 
Del & Lora Hooge Philippines  
Don & Lujean Stone China  
Frank Ala American Samoa  
Frank & Karon Auterson Ethiopia  
Fred & Joyce Davis Canada http://www.chinesetbc.org/about-us/ministry-staff/ 
Greg & Collene Kent Wales  
Greg & LuAnn Lyons Philippines http://www.bbfi-asia.org/Lyons_G/ 
Greg & Nina Hunt Canada  
Henry & Darlene Matarrita Israel  
Jose & Carol Esquibel England http://www.alconburybaptist.org/ 
Kenneth Stertz Couriers for Christ http://www.wyldewood.org/ministries/couriers-for-christ.html 
Laverne Rodgers Japan  
Mary Selvanayagam Singapore  
Mike & Caroline Tester Canada  
Mike & Diane Peper Sierra Leone  
Nathan & Hanakap'ai Groose Hawaii http://www.kauaibaptist.org 
Paul & Doris Brock Germany  
Peneueta & Robyn Faafouina Samoa  
Ross & Ellen Ligon Nigeria http://www.bbfi-africa.org/Ligon/ 
Russ & Sylvia Daniels Uganda  
Steve & Lynn Spore Vanuatu http://www.bbfi-oceania.org/Spore/ 
Tom & Gail Gritts England http://www.bbfi-europe.org/Gritts/ 
Vardaman & Julie Huckaby China  
W.L. Smith G.L.O.B.E. Ministries  
Showing 36 items