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The LÂMTÖN Mentoring Program provides junior and senior high school Tibetan students an opportunity to connect with college Tibetan students. As effective role models, the college mentors will provide support and guidance to the high school students. The responsibilities of a mentor includes but are not limited to the interaction with and support of high school Tibetan students and to encourage their academic, social and cultural development. The mentors will focus on three major areas of student life: Academic Achievement, Health and Wellness and Student Development. We have mentors and tutors from the following colleges/universities:

Current and past mentors have been from Carleton College, Colby College, Hamline University, Macalester College, Smith College, St. Catherine University, St.Olaf College, St.Thomas University, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Lamton Mentors 2013-2014

Tenzin Singhi;
University of Minnesota

Kunga Norzom;
St. Catherine University

Tenzin Shinsang;Hamline University

Norzin Wangpo;University of Minnesota

T.Choendhen Waleag;St.Olaf College

T.Tsetan Lobsang;St.Olaf College

T.Norzin Waleag;
St.Olaf College

Tenzin Kunsal;St.Olaf College
Tenzin Nordon;Carleton College

Tenzin Choerap;St.Olaf College

Tenzin Dadon;Colby College
Tenzin Pelmo Takza;University of Minnesota
Tenzin Yiga;University of Minnesota
Tenzin Khando
;University of Minnesota