2012 January 28: Woodland/Walnut Rim

Meet 8am on the northeast corner of Diamond and 35th. Please be careful parking and making your way to the start. We'll ramble along the Woodland Trail and return on the edge of Walnut Canyon.

Distance and Terrain

Estimate 4.0mi 200' 2 hours on mostly good footing.

Actual 1:40, exact mileage unknown (GPS turned off accidentally.)

Weather and Conditions

Reasonably sunny and warm this week. Expect mostly clear ground with some possible ice and/or mud and maybe  a light dusting of snow. Forecast looks to be mostly clear and starting about freezing, then warming up.

Actual conditions very icy, some mud.

Leader's Pack

Note that your leader is packing as if for a full-day trip well away from civilization. If you aren't conditioning for such trips, you don't need to pack as heavy.

  • Wearing/carrying
    • Uninsulated leather boots, treated with water-resist
    • Midweight wool blend socks
    • Full gaiters
    • Nylon hiking pants
    • Polypro boxers
    • Short-sleeve synthetic top
    • Arm warmers
    • Liner gloves and wind-resistant fleece gloves
    • Uncoated nylon jacket/windbreaker
    • Buff worn as neck gaiter
    • Fleece headband (for the ears)
    • Sunglasses
    • Garmin Forerunner 310XT w/HRM
    • trekking poles
    • baseball cap
  • In/on pack (Osprey Atmos 50)
    • 1L water in insulated cozy
    • gorp
    • granola bar
    • first aid kit: elastic bandage, bandaids, ibuprofen, antihistamine, gauze pads/wraps, swiss army knife, moleskin
    • repair kit: duck tape, nylon repair tape, leatherman, repair wire, parachute cord, nylon webbing/buckle, matches
    • TP and double-bag for carryout
    • hand sanitizer
    • chapstick and sunscreen
    • camera and small tripod
    • headlamp
    • whistle
    • map, compass
    • full-zip WP/B pants
    • WP/B jacket
    • insulated pullover
    • long underwear bottoms
    • fleece hat
    • foam sit pad
    • microspikes
  • Emergency gear
    • canister stove and fuel
    • pot with lid
    • summer weight sleeping bag
    • lightweight nylon tarp
    • SAM splint
    • 1L extra water
    • handline
  • And just to be obnoxious
    • Extra water as needed to make the pack heavy


Woodland Trail


We had a great group for a lovely hike across the Woodland Trail and around the edge of Walnut Canyon. The golf course/trails interface was amazingly well laid-out: the golf course landscaping almost always ends near a hill crest, making it very unobtrusive from the trails.