Redlining Series Overview

Redlining is hiking every inch of trail in a system of trails, taking a red pen to the map and highlighting every mile hiked. This series of Los Alamos Mountaineers trips will cover the entire County trail system; as a result, there will be some odd little out-and-back spurs to hit all the trails. Trips start between 7 and 8 o'clock Saturday mornings, on a "whenever the leader feels inspired" basis, probably about twice a month. Once a hike is scheduled, it will go, rain, shine, or snow.

These hikes are intended for anyone who wants to get out for a few hours at the start of the weekend, for those who always wanted to explore the country trails but never got around to it, for new hikers (or those new to winter), for experienced hikers who want a few hours of conditioning (if the pace is too slow, put more in your pack!) We aim for 4-7 miles in about 2-3 hours, at a moderate but steady pace with minimal breaks. Carpooling to the trailhead is encouraged; arriving under your own power is even better.

No signup required, no experience required, no gear lists. If you want an idea of what to bring, each hike will have a list of what's in the leader's pack based on the forecast.

Any questions, contact Jon Niehof, the leader.

Trails Alert!

Proposed changes to the golf course could have significant impact on the county trail system. See these posts from Craig Martin's blog and ongoing information at Greg Kendall's blog. Public meeting on Tuesday the 24th; see the county website. Make your voice heard.

Red Tape

  • Every participant will need to sign a waiver at the trailhead. (Members and non-members will have slightly different forms.)
  • Pictures from the trips will be linked from this page; let the leader know if this is a problem.
  • We hike as a (loose) group. Plan on staying with the group and helping each other out as necessary.

Planned Hikes

Past Hikes

Upcoming (unscheduled) Hikes