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My name is Elizabeth Long.  You might know me from some of my posts on the previous site or my YouTube video on lampwork safety. or from my beads which were in Jeanette Ryan's (Blix Designs) calendar way back when.  I haven't torched for about five years due to issues with my eyes.  However, I have been the maintainer of for a long time and have done different things with the site. 


​The latest incarnation of is a directory, and I'm hoping it becomes a site people will find helpful.  I've set it up with a simple concept - each listing includes a 1.25" x 1.25" logo or ad that when clicked will take the user to the site linked. 

Currently, most of the traffic is from people typing into their browser's address bar, not from ads or other sites.  However, I plan to begin social media campaigns, as well as paid online and print advertising, as soon as I determine the interest of the community. 

Some ideas I have for the site if there is enough interest are:
  • create subpages to feature specific artists, vendors, events and have a list of those pages in the right or left column
  • add code to the site so that a visitor can filter by artists, vendors, events, etc
  • change the homepage's layout and create a structure that allows for a pricing scale based on an ad's location on the page
This is only if there is enough interest. If not, things will remain as they currently are.   

If you would like a listing, use the link below. (Payment is handled through PayPal, but you do not have to have an account with them.)  Once you have completed this step, reply to this email with a 1.25"x1.25" ad/logo and the URL of your site.

I will be handling each listing in the same order as I receive notification of payment.

A $10.00 monthly payment will set up as recurring bill, so if a person signs up and then changes their mind, they can just let me know prior to the next month bill, and I will not send an email requesting payment.  If you would like to use another payment method such as Google Payments, let me know.  However, at this time, I am not set up to process CC payments directly.

If you have any questions, please reply to this email.  Feel free to share this information with anyone you know that might be interested.  

Thanks so much,
Elizabeth Long