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LAMPS Paranormal Society

Our goal is to bring evidence and education of paranormal activity, or the lack thereof, to our clients to the best of our collective ability by the following criteria:

To approach each investigation environment with a primary/initial focus on the scientific aspect of evidence collection.LAMPS will do our best to provide each client with a detailed copy of evidence collected that is pertinent to the aspect of “paranormal”.

Collected data may come in various standard forms including, but not limited to; Audio recordings, video recordings, photography, and psychic intervention/communication.

LAMPS exists to assist people who are seeking help with determining whether or not they have paranormal activity in their homes (or other environments they otherwise spend a great deal of time in).

We may accept any generous contributions and /or donations from those who believe in the services we provide, but will not initiate financial discussions with any clients or potential clients because our services are free.

To offer our services and LAMPS member expertise to residents throughout Southeast Iowa, parts of Missouri, and portions of Illinois that lay within a reasonable distance to the border of our home state of Iowa.

If you have need of our services, please email us or give us a call at (319) 313-8007 and we'll be in contact with you.