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-->Photo Gallery with more pictures of the model of the old studio and pictures of the real old studio.

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 This is a picture of a scale model of my old studio from when I lived in Saugus, Mass. in the period from 2000 to 2006. The model was built by Judy Keefe and it was a Christmas present to me from my wife, Carol. The model looks just about like the old studio, except that the real studio was messier! The old studio really was tiny, but after that I worked in a better and larger space in our home in North Reading, Mass. for about five years, from October of 2006 to April of 2012. Now, in my new studio a few miles north of Boston, I am back to a smaller studio again, not as tiny as the Saugus one, but it is fairly well organized and easy to work in. I had to get rid of my old art table since it was too large for my present situation. Most of my art is fairly small in size, so I am quite content with a smaller art table.


Welcome to Gallery 2 of Lamplighters Online Museum. This is my second website.

Carol Perullo Trefrey, my dear wife, passed away on April 24, 2019. She is pictured with me on the left. She was much loved and greatly missed.

The first site is Gallery 1, and it is devoted to my illuminated scripture verses from the Old Testament. Gallery 2 has New Testament scriptures. It also has separate articles for you to read. The article called Reflections is actually an online version of a little book of sayings that I self-published a few years ago. There are five sequels to this beginning with Reflections, volume 2 and Reflections, volume 3. Two other articles, The Power of the Truth and The Power of Faith, were written a few years back. I revised these articles recently in May through July of 2008, just prior to publishing this website. The fourth article, I Want You to Know What I believe is written primarily for those who are not Evangelical Christians. As with Gallery 1, this site contains much to look at and much to read. It goes forth with my prayer that it will be a blessing to many people.

Everything in this site is freely offered to all who wish to enjoy it. You may download pictures and articles, but not, of course, for commercial use. Any pictures that are downloaded will not be of the highest resolution, but will be good enough for small prints. I welcome comments and reactions, also donations. There are many things that I hope to do to upgrade the quality of the images, to explore other means of outreach, and to prepare for presentations in various venues, so any funds received will be used for these kinds of purposes. This is a non-commercial ministry. It goes forth with my prayer that God will use it to bless all who view it. 

I would like to hear from some of you who may wish to pass on any comments, ideas, or suggestions. Let me know if my site has been of value to you. I am definitely interested in receiving mail. Write to my post office box or g-mail me.

My mailing address is Richard Trefrey, P.O. Box 74, North Reading, Massachusetts (MA) 01864-0074.


          Richard Trefrey, P.O. Box 74, North Reading, MA 01864-0074