Reflections, Volume 3

Reflections, Volume 3, November, 2010

In this world there are many people doing bad things for selfish reasons. If I can do as many good things as possible for the right reasons, and do them in the power of God’s Holy Spirit, then my life will be well spent and I will have pleased the heart of God.

My goal is to fill my life with activities and projects that serve to advance the kingdom of God and to help as many people as possible through work, words and prayers.

I want to try to get as many people as possible to become part of the kingdom of God and to go with me to heaven.

Love is not my strong point. I cannot love others as I should, and I am constantly crippled by my own selfishness. But I have a Friend who is patient with my lack of love and who is mighty enough to replace my selfish indifference with His love as I step out in naked obedience, knowing I am completely insufficient in myself, and knowing by the faith He gives me that He will help me to love as I yield myself to His wishes.

There are many people I would like to see changed. There are sinners I wish were converted. There are saints I would like to see improved. I have learned not to try to change anyone. I am powerless to do so. If you are wise, you will see just how powerless you really are and you will learn to leave it to God. He is the One who changes people. My part is to pray for them to be changed, to plead with God that He will open their eyes and enable them to reach out to Him so He can change them. Don’t ever try to change anyone. Leave that to God. Pray for them. As God leads you, and when they are ready, tell them about how they can be saved and find Jesus so God can work a change in them.

Haste is how the devil gets good Christian people to do the right things in the wrong way and miserably fail and then become discouraged and ineffective for God. Good work done for God must be done carefully, with much prayer, and with a patient spirit.

As a visual artist I know that haste will ruin any work of art I undertake. In the same way, I have come to see that haste is the devil’s tool for destroying the good I purpose to do. Haste will cause you to operate from your own strength, from the pride of your human heart and from your own faulty human wisdom.

God works slowly and carefully, so those of us who are doing His work should learn to do the same.

There are situations when we need to do things in a hurry, but most of us Christians need to slow down and do things carefully and wisely in God’s way.

 There are Christian people who are lazy and do nothing or very little for the advancement of the kingdom of God. There are other Christians who do many things, but they do it in their own human strength, their own fleshly wisdom and on their own initiative without waiting on God for His direction. There is another, much smaller group, of Christians who serve faithfully, tirelessly, depending on God’s strength and make the advancement of God’s kingdom their business every day. They are aware of their own personal weakness, their own lack of wisdom, their constant need to discover God’s will and their need to do everything at His direction, in His timing, in His power, and at His initiative. These are the ones God uses. Lord, help me to be one of them. That is my prayer, and I hope it is yours.