A Brief Self Portrait

                When artists describe themselves and their work they usually tick off a long or short list of art schools they have attended, artists they have apprenticed under, exhibitions of their work they have had, associations they have belonged to and prizes they have won. As for me, there is little to tell about schooling. Except for several evening courses a number of years ago I am mainly self-taught. I am certainly self-taught in the main distinctives of my work: illuminated calligraphy, lettering, and geometric design. I have picked up a number of awards in recent years that I am including on the list below. As for exhibitions, I have exhibited in a variety of milieus, especially libraries. There have been several one-man shows. 

                On the personal side, I am happily married to my wife, Carol. I am, what I like to call, economically retired, which means that I am quite busy with my art and treat it as a full time job, even though it is not, at least at present, that which pays for most of my living expenses. In the past few years I have devoted my artistic activity almost entirely to making illuminated calligraphy, mainly of Bible verses. I also spend much time working out decorative patterns and designs, especially geometric ones, which has been a specialty of mine for most of my life.

Brief summary of exhibitions, lectures, and awards

Exhibitions: group shows at Marblehead Arts Association, Swampscott Arts Association, Winthrop Arts Association and Boston Athenaeum. One man shows at Christ Church in Hamilton, Marblehead Arts Association, Godard Library at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Groveland Library, Boxford Library, Nahant Library, Stoneham Library, Flint Library of North Reading.  Awards: Winthrop Art Association, Swampscott Arts Association, Marblehead Arts Association, Billerica Arts Association, and Marblehead Festival of Arts. Lectures:  public libraries in Groveland and North Reading, Wakefield Arts Association, Everett Arts Association, Saugus Rotary Club, Alton Bay Christian Conference Center, Forestdale Community Church of Malden, Congregational Church of North Chelmsford, Bethany Congregational Church of Lynn and First Congregational Church of Revere.

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