About Lamplighters



Our home church, The First Congregational church of Revere, Massachusetts endorses this ministry.

The name of our ministry is based upon a scripture: Psalm 119:105, “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

What I have to offer

            It is natural for visual artists to wish to share their work. As a Christian artist, I am mindful of my duty before God to share my faith. The unique nature of my art makes it possible to do both these things through the illuminated Bible verses I have produced.



Added on November 17, 2017

            For some years I have done lectures about my art with projected images of my work. I am no longer able to do this because of physical problems, mainly those of my wife Carol. However, I still continue to produce more illuminated scripture art and am constantly adding new material to my website.

           About My Art and My Vision

            While there are many Christian visual artists and calligraphers, there are very few who practice the art of illumination. Illumination, in the sense in which I use it, is the art of decorating a page of lettering. It is an ancient art that almost disappeared with the invention of printing around the time of the Reformation. It is an art that calls forth all the skills of the calligrapher and the painter. My approach is somewhat eclectic, fusing modern and ancient techniques and decoration. The decorative forms used in my work are all original creations, the product of many years of work. Much of it is derived from ancient and modern decorative forms, such as Celtic, Moorish, Art Deco and Chinese decoration. It has been carefully prepared worked out by hand drawings on paper. Although I often use a computer in preparing studies of designs, the work I do is not computer art.

            In recent years I have presented illustrated lectures about my art in Christian and secular venues. The secular venues have been art associations, libraries and clubs. For me, my art is a clear expression of my Christian faith. Through my art, I want to tell all the world what Jesus has done for me. I want to tell it with my lips, but also with the gift He has given me to devise borders, designs, color schemes and letter forms.

            There is a strong interest in visual art in America, especially in New England. It is my hope that my art will appeal to people outside the Christian community who are interested in art..  

            I want to tell people everywhere of the glorious freedom Jesus brings. It is a freedom that transforms and sanctifies a God-given talent into an instrument in His hands. I want to tell them that God is not against the visual arts. Why should He be? He is the greatest Artist of all, the one true Creator of beauty. In sharing my gift I wish to share the message that Jesus has not come to enslave, but to liberate. When surrendered to Him, human creativity may become one part of the creative power of the Holy Spirit, an expression of the character of God, the great Artist.

Brief summary of exhibitions, lectures, and awards

Exhibitions: group shows at Marblehead Arts Association, Swampscott Arts Association, Winthrop Arts Association and Boston Athenaeum. One man shows at Christ Church in Hamilton, Marblehead Arts Association, Godard Library at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Groveland Library, Boxford Library, Nahant Library, Stoneham Library, Flint Library of North Reading.  Awards: Winthrop Art Association, Swampscott Arts Association, Marblehead Arts Association, Billerica Arts Association, and Marblehead Festival of Arts. Lectures:  public libraries in Groveland and North Reading, Wakefield Arts Association, Everett Arts Association, Saugus Rotary Club, Alton Bay Christian Conference Center, Forestdale Community Church of Malden, Congregational Church of North Chelmsford, Bethany Congregational Church of Lynn and First Congregational Church of Revere.

Lamplighters is operated by Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Trefrey