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The artist, Richard Trefrey

A sad announcement: my wife, Carol Perullo Trefrey, pictured below, passed away on April 24, 2019 after a long illness. She is missed by many, especially by me. She was very supportive of me during the thirty years of our happy marriage and encouraged me much with my art and writing.

Welcome to this website. I hope that you will enjoy viewing the illuminated calligraphy. Each Bible quotation here has two commentaries, one about the verse or verses and another about the art. Besides this, there is a testimony I have written about how God revealed Himself to me. It is a long story, but I hope that many who visit this site will take the time to read it. It is the exciting story of my conversion in 1964. Also there is a statement about my ministry, Lamplighters, of which this site is a part. It tells about my vision for this ministry and gives a list of places where I have exhibited art and places where I have lectured about my art.

In addition, there is an article entitled Things I Have Learned from God. A newer article entitled The Discipline of Thankfulness expands a theme I had earlier begun in Things I Have Learned from God, which is a description of a few of the important spiritual lessons the Lord has taught me over the years. Everything in this site is freely offered to all who wish to enjoy it. You may download pictures and articles, but not, of course, for commercial use. Any pictures that are downloaded will not be of the highest resolution, but will be good enough for small prints. I welcome comments and reactions, also donations. There are many things that I hope to do to upgrade the quality of the images, to explore other means of outreach, and to prepare for presentations in various venues, so any funds received will be used for these kinds of purposes. This is a non-commercial ministry. It goes forth with my prayer that God will use it to bless all who view it.

I would like to hear from some of you who may wish to pass on any comments, ideas, or suggestions. Let me know if my site has been of value to you. I am definitely interested in receiving mail. Write to my post office box or g-mail me.

My mailing address is Richard Trefrey, P.O. Box 74, North Reading, Massachusetts (MA) 01864-0074.

I wish to thank three people who helped me get to get this and the other web sites up and running. First, I thank Phil Lowther, who got me started. Second, I thank Mike Cohen for helping me along the way. Last, I give special thanks to Bob Buonfiglio for taking much time from his busy schedule. Without him these sites would not be up and running.

    The artist with his wife, Carol, having breakfast at Alton Bay  Christian Conference Center on our Summer holiday.





 Richard Trefrey, P.O. Box 74, North Reading, MA 01864-0074