Vogue Theatre - South Gate

9325 Long Beach Blvd.   

South Gate, CA 90280    | map |

1937 as a project of developer A.V. Perkinson. After closing as a film house it became a Latino focused church. By 1967 it was reclaimed for theatre use as the Teatro Los Pinos for a mix of Spanish language films, music events and comedy shows.  The operation closed in October 2014 -- it's been vacant since.

South Gate is just south of Huntington Park and Walnut Park. Pacific Blvd. is the main north/south street heading through those latter two areas. It turns into Long Beach Blvd. as it heads south of Walnut Park.

Seating:  800

Architect:  S. Charles Lee. See the posts on our LA Theatres Blogspot page for a few others by Mr. Lee.

Status: Currently closed and available for lease.

More Information: See the Cinema Tour page on the theatre for 7 exterior and entrance area photos They list it as the Los Pinos.

Head to the
Cinema Treasures Los Pinos page for lots of stories from their contributors.

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  A 2008 facade view.

photo: Ken McIntyre

Many thanks to Ken for his photos. Start at
 this exterior view on Photobucket and you can
page through about a dozen more.

An auditorium side wall view.

photo: Ken McIntyre - 2008

The rear of the auditorium.

photo: Ken McIntyre - 2008

Thanks again, Ken!

    Huntington Digital Library   


An April 4, 1938 look along the Vogue Market toward
the theatre. It's a G. Haven Bishop photo for Southern
California Edison -- part of a series commissioned
to show the effects of good lighting.
full size view

The view above has also been
seen on Photos of Los Angeles.

Mr. Bishop's photo from across the street.
full size view

A shot by Mr. Bishop from the
north end of the building.

full size view

    Ozfan 22 on Flickr   


An undated look at the theatre in
its Los Pinos days from Ozfan 22.

full size view | on Flickr

    Photos of Los Angeles   


A 2008 look at the marquee
Ken McIntyre. Thanks, Ken!
full size view | on Photos of LA

    Roadside Architecture   


A 2008 Vogue shot from Debra Jane's extensive collection.
 full size view |
on the Road Arch site

Also see:

A look at what remains of the Vogue Theatre
facade, an S. Charles Lee design from 1938.

photo: Google Maps - 2014

The view north on Long Beach Blvd.

photo: Google Maps - 2015

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The lobby in the Los Pinos era.

photo: Ken McIntyre - 2008

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A look toward the house right wall.

photo: Ken McIntyre - 2008

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A night exterior photo from the UCLA collection.
"Lady of the Tropics" was a summer 1939 release.
An exterior shot in the daytime.

The boxoffice area.
full size view

More poster cases.
full size view

The Vogue's lobby.
full size view

Ready for this? S. Charles Lee's ladies lounge decor.
full size view

A look across the auditorium.
full size view

The auditorium view also appears in the
AMPAS B'hend-Kaufmann Collection.

A rendering for the exterior of the
at this point unnamed project.
full size view

Many of these UCLA views also appear in a
South Gate Downey Conservancy album on Flickr.