United Artists Inglewood

148 N. Market St.
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Inglewood, CA 90301

Opened:  1931.  As with the other United Artists theatres in the Los Angeles area, it was actually operated by Fox West Coast. With the mid 50s consent decrees, Fox was forced to give up operation of the UA houses and the United Artists Theatre Circuit then ran them.

UATC previously was a holding company that didn't actually run its theatres. It came alive as an operating company in the 50s and was divorced from the United Artists film studio.  It had always been a separate corporation but with many of the same individuals historically involved in both of the UA entities.

The theatre was listed as being at 122 N. Market St. in the 1933 city directory, at 148 in the 1938 and later directories. During the 70s, the theatre was advertised as at 142 N. Market.

The United Artists was across the street from the Fox Inglewood.

Architects:  Clifford A. Balch, P.A. Eisen and A.R. Walker. The United Artists Inglewood was a standard United Artists style house for the period with deco panels on the front labeled "Unity" and "Artistry."

The design is similar to the Walker & Eisen designed UA theatres on Wilshire (the Four Star), Long Beach, Pasadena and East Los Angeles (later called the UA Alameda). All were film-only theatres without stage facilities. The firm had earlier done the building for the downtown United Artists -- although that theatre interior was by C. Howard Crane.

Seating: 942

The facade got a remodel in the 70s. For a while it was leased out to Mitchell Bros. as a porno venue advertised as the Mitchell Bros. Inglewood. In the 80s it was run in conjunction with the Fox Inglewood across the street as the Fox Cinema II.

Status: Destroyed by fire in the 90s.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the United Artists Inglewood for research by Ken McIntyre, Bill Gabel and other contributors. 

There seem to be no surviving interior photos of this one. See the Four Star, UA Pasadena and UA East Los Angeles  for recent interior shots of what remains in those houses. 

The UA Long Beach page has some vintage interior views to give you an idea what this one probably looked like inside.

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    American Classic Images    


A 1955 look south on Market that's in the
American Classic Images collection.
full size view

Another 1955 view giving us a closer
 look at the marquee and tower.

A 1984 look at the United Artists,
in its Fox Cinema II days.

    Online Archive of California    


A great c.1960 view looking south on Market
Street from the Inglewood Public Library

The United Artists is on the left.

 full size view | data page

The photo above also appears
on the LAHTF Facebook page.

    Roadside Peek   


An undated view of the UA, shorn of its tower, as the
Fox Cinema II. The photo is on Roadside Peek's page
 about "Other Grand Theatre" in Southern California.
Sorry, there isn't a larger view.

    UCLA Calisphere   


A 1961 look south on Market St.The UA
 is on the left, the Fox on the right.  The photo
 is from the Inglewood Public Library. 
full size view 

The UA is running "Konga" ("Not Since King Kong!")
and "Terror in the House." The photo above also appears
on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

Also on Calisphere:

A 1955 view north on Market Street in Inglewood
with the Fox Theatre on the left and the
United Artists on the right.

  It's an Alan Weeks photo in the
Sean Ault Archives by Osiris Press.

The photo also appears on our LA Theatres Facebook page.
It's also part of page 11 of the Alan Weeks collection on the
website of the Pacific Electric Railway Historical Society.
In addition, there are versions of it are on Vintage Los Angeles,
 Photos of Los Angeles and the Metro Transportation Archive on Flickr.

[ click on either image to enlarge ]

A detail from the view above.

    more from the Sean Ault Collection   

A c.1961 look south on Market toward the UA.
They're running "Can-Can" with Frank Sinatra and
Shirley Maclaine. The first run for the film was a 70mm
roadshow engagement at the Carthay Circle. 
 full size view | on FB/LATheatres

Thanks, Sean!  Sean is a noted historian of
 transit systems in the Los Angeles area.

    Huntington Digital Library   


A lovely panorama looking north on Market St. in November 1952.
 On the right is the Ritz Theatre with the United Artists beyond. On
 the left is the Fox Inglewood. The image is a detail from part of a much
 larger photo by Joseph Fadler taken for Southern California Edison.
Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor BifRayRock
 for the find. He has it on his Noirish post #37847.

    Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation   

www.lahtf.org | LAHTF on Facebook

Thanks to Nathan Marsak for this lovely view of the
 UA running "The Narcotic Story" in February 1958.

    Los Angeles Public Library   


A 1932 photo with the UA running "The Kid
 From Spain" with Eddie Cantor.
 full size view

A 1938 look at the United Artist's facade.
"The BIG Pictures are Here!"
full size view

The photo above also appears in
the book "Theatres in Los Angeles"

A 1949 look at the UA with its
sweeping new marquee.
 full size view

A closer look at the marquee at the opening of "That
Midnight Kiss" with Kathryn Grayson and Mario Lanza.
 full size view

Another 1949 photo. Note the added neon
on the bulked-up tower compared
to the earlier version. 
full size view

Also in the collection:
| line outside - "That Midnight Kiss" |
| another facade view  - "Kiss"  |  searchlight action  - "Kiss" |
| c.1937 view - Herman Schultheis |