Symphony Theatre

212 N. Tamarind Ave.  | map

Compton, CA 90220

Opened: May 12, 1924 as a combination film and vaudeville house.  Also part of the same building was the Aranbe Hotel.

The September 9, 1923 construction announcement in the L.A. Times listed the address as N. Tamarind & E. Magnolia St. That section of Magnolia no longer exists -- it's now in the middle of a shopping center. Magnolia is just a block north of Compton Blvd. Thus the Symphony location was just a block or so from the Fox Compton.

Seats: 860, at least that was the count in the 1932 Film Daily Yearbook.

Architects: Richard D. King and Frank M. Goodwin

Closing: The 1933 Long Beach earthquake hit Compton hard. It was the end for the Symphony Theatre.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Symphony Theatre. Thanks to Ron Pierce for the fine research. Also see some comments about the Symphony on the Cinema Treasures Fox Compton page.

The Silent Film Still Archive has a 1925 program from the Symphony.

    Cal State Dominguez Hills

A view of the Moorish-inspired exterior of
the theatre from a 20s collage showing various
downtown Compton business buildings.
larger detail view | collage on the UCDH site

A 1926 view of flooding in Compton -- with a view of the
 stage end of the Symphony Theatre in the background.
 full size view

A look at the ruins of the front of the building
 from the Cal State Dominguez Hills collection.
It's from the Long Beach Fireman's Historical
 Museum Photographs Collection
The theatre entrance was below
 that peaked section of the roof.

Also see:

The stage end of the Symphony Theatre
after the 1933 Long Beach earthquake.

photo: Sean Ault collection

[ click on the photo for a larger view |

Thanks, Sean!

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    Bob Compere on Flickr

A nice shot of the 1933 ruins (and that surviving
 roof sign) from Bob Compere on Flickr.
 full size view | on Flickr

Bob's Long Beach Earthquake set has eight
more views of damage to other buildings.

    USC Archives

A 1933 post-earthquake view of the Symphony.
Note the view of the roof sign on the left.
full size view