Nubel Theatre

16711 Bellflower Blvd.  | map

Bellflower, CA 91203

Opened: 1929 as the Bellflower Theatre, a project of F.E. Woodruff. The theatre was constructed with a full stage and orchestra pit.

The building is at the SW corner of Bellflower Blvd. and Laurel St. An earlier address before renumbering was 455 Bellflower. It's listed that way in the 1940 and 1946 directories.

Seating: 960 originally, 1,150 after the 1948-49 remodel.

Architect: unknown

After a big facade remodel it reopened as the Nubel in 1949.

Joe Vogel, doing his usual superb research for Cinema Treasures, found several items in Boxoffice. His report:

"A Boxoffice item of May 8, 1948, reveals the time when the Bellflower Theatre became the Nubel... It says in part: 'South-Lyn Theatres… has earmarked $150,000 for extensive modernization and enlarging of its Bellflower Theatre, which will be renamed the Nubel.' The item said that the seating capacity was to be increased by the addition of a balcony, the width of the entrance was to be doubled, and a new marquee and 60-foot sign tower would be installed.

Boxoffice of October 22, 1949, announced the recent reopening of the remodeled house. The expanded seating capacity was 1,150, according to this item. South-Lyn Theatres was run by Al Hanson, and operated two houses in South Gate, two in Lynwood, as well as a second theater in Bellflower.

Prior to its purchase by Hanson, some time after January, 1947, the Bellflower Theatre was operated by its original owner, Lester Funk, according to a brief biography of him in Boxoffice of April 14, 1945. The item said he had opened his first theater in Bellflower in 1926, then opened the Bellflower Theatre in 1929. Funk also opened the Circle Theatre there in 1941."   Thanks, Joe!

In 1973 it got new owners and reopened as the Holiday Theatre.

Status: It closed in 1977 and is now a church.

More information: See Cinema Treasures, where they have it listed as the Holiday Theatre. The Cinema Tour has 11 exterior shots (with Holiday and Hosanna on the vertical) and three booth views.

Ken McIntyre has seven exterior views from 2008 in a Photobucket album. Start at his first Nubel photo and you can page through his set.

There's also another theatre called the Bellflower, a small legit operation. Michelle Gerdes has a 2009 photo.

A look north on Bellflower.

photo: Google Maps - 2015

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    Gary Parks on Cinema Treasures

The theatre's original facade, a postcard from
 the Gary Parks collection. He notes that the angled
marquee we see in this 1938 view is probably a
replacement for the original. Thanks, Gary!

The theatre is running "The Last Gangster"
(1937) with Edward G. Robinson along with "Love
 and Hisses" (1937) with Walter Winchell.

    Vintage Los Angeles

The theatre after closing as the Holiday. Thanks
 to Meredith Jacobson Marciano for her 1980 photo.

A 1955 postcard view of beautiful downtown Bellflower.

The card has appeared in many places including both the
Vintage Los Angeles and Photos of Los Angeles Facebook pages.

Ken McIntyre notes with his post of the card on Photos of Los Angeles
 that it appears the theatre is running "This Island Earth," a 1955 release.
Thanks, Ken!

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An exterior view of the re-purposed building.
Yes, that ziggurat on the left is the stagehouse.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

Michelle reports that they let her look inside but there
wasn't much worth photographing.  She has seven facade
and entrance area shots in her Theatres California album on Flickr.
 Start at her first Nubel photo and you can page through them.

A lobby view. The former snack bar area is at the left.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

You can find the photo in Michelle's Bellflower album.

 Thanks, Michelle!

    Los Angeles Public Library

A 1956 look at the theatre from the Library's
collection. It's a Herald Examiner photo.
full size view

"Modern California architecture, big city lights and convenient
shopping areas today mark the progress of Bellflower. Here's
 how Bellflower Boulevard looks at Flower Street."

    Roadside Architecture

An exterior view of the building in church mode.
The photo, with another view, appears
on California page 6 in the site's huge
 collection of exterior movie theatre photos.