La Tijera Theatre

6820 La Tijera Blvd.  | map

Westchester (Los Angeles), CA 90045

Opened: January 12, 1949. It was an independent venue owned by the Mo-Kan Theatre Co.

"Only at the La Tijera you drive right into the lobby..."
A pre-opening ad discovered by Ken McIntyre for
 his Photos of Los Angeles Facebook page.
 Thanks, Ken!

A plan of the La Tijera showing the corner "drive-in" lobby. It's
from the 1949-50 Theatre Catalog, reproduced on Cinema Tour.

Architect: S. Charles Lee. See our blogspot posts for a few more projects by the prolific Mr. Lee.

The poor La Tijera was doomed. It ran only for about four years and was then converted into a bowling alley. The sale for conversion to a bowling alley happened in December 1952.

There wasn't a huge population in the area at the time and competition was fierce for bookings of top product. Fox West Coast had the Loyola, the United Artists Inglewood and the Fox Inglewood nearby.

Seating: 1,530

Status: The building was gutted in the early 1980s for use as office space.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the La Tijera.  The Cinema Tour page has three vintage photos.

Ken McIntyre, in his Photobucket collection, has an ad for "Blanche Fury" at the La Tijera.  We see the same film through the lobby windows in a photo by Mr. Lee in the UCLA S. Charles Lee Archives.

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    Cinema Treasures

A fine look at the ceiling and front of the auditorium
 added to Cinema Treasures by Bill Gabel.
 full size view | on Cinema Treasures

The photo above also appears in Flying Wedge's
 Noirish Los Angeles post #13299.

    Los Angeles Public Library

A look at the La Tijera from the LAPL collection.
In this undated photo, it had become
a bowling alley and cocktail lounge.
full size view

Thanks to Flying Wedge, who included the photo above
in his Noirish Los Angeles post #13299 about the La Tijera.

The La Tijera - now an office building.

photo: Google Maps - 2012

We're looking north toward Centinela and La Cienega.Click on the
 image to enlarge or head to Google for the interactive version.

The La Tijera in better days.

photo: Theatre Catalog 1949-50 edition.

The photo also appears on Cinema Tour, Cinema Treasures
and on the Facebook page Photos of Los Angeles.

    UCLA - S. Charles Lee Papers |

The La Tijera facade in the daytime. The photo is by
Alpheus Blakeslee. They had trouble getting product
away from Fox West Coast. The theatre opened in 1949
and here we've settled for an Abbott & Costello double bill
from 1941-42: "Ride 'Em Cowboy" and "Keep 'Em Flying."
 Maybe it was the kiddie matinee.

full size view

A night look at the theatre's signage and
 entrance. We're running "John Loves Mary" and
 "High Fury." The photographer is unknown.
full size view

The photo above also appears on page 126 of
 "The Show Starts on the Sidewalk", a book by
Maggie Valentine about S. Charles Lee.

The street and signage as seen
 from the lobby. The Archive credits
Mr. Lee for the photo. 
full size view

The La Tijera's snackbar in an L.A. Todd photo.
full size view

A look at the auditorium. It's an L.A. Todd photo.