Victory / Burbank Theatre

207 S. San Fernando
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Burbank, CA 91502

Opened: 1919 as the Victory Theatre by Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Mouffe. The building, known as the Victory Building, also contained the Burbank Hotel. In the 1928 city directory it's still called the Victory Theatre. An early address for the theatre was 205 E. San Fernando Rd.

Sometime prior to 1932 it got renamed the Burbank at which time it was owned by Bern G. and Neva H. Richardson. They were suing Al Minor at the Loma over product.

At the end of the run in 1950, the theatre was operated by Charles Minor, who at the time also operated the Loma, Magnolia and Major theatres in Burbank.  Charles was evidently a relative of Al Minor, who had built the Magnolia and Major.

Architect: H.J. Knauer

Seating: Estimates range from 547 to 900.  The 900 number is from a mention of the theatre's closing in Boxoffice.

Status: Closed in 1950. The theatre space was used then as part of the hotel entrance. The building was demolished in 1979, with the site then being used as a parking garage for the Holiday Inn.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Burbank Theatre.  The Cinema Tour page has several vintage photos from the Burbank Historical Society.  

John Burroughs High School has reproduced a page from the vanished Bijou Memories site about the Victory. It has a 1925 program from the theatre. Ignore references to "Loma" in the text -- those should all read "Victory."

The other Burbank Theatre: Dr. David Burbank, who the city was named for, built a theatre on Main St. in downtown Los Angeles called, appropriately enough, the Burbank Theatre.

    Cinema Treasures

A 1919 look at the facade of the Victory Theatre.
The photo appears on Cinema Treasures as a contribution
of  ace researcher Joe Vogel, who notes that "it appeared in an
 advertisement for the Los Angeles Pressed Brick Company, in a
late 1919 issue of the trade journal The Architect & Engineer.
The ad said that the building was faced with pressed brick in
 ivory enamel, with grey and white enamel trim."

The photo also appears on the
 Facebook page Burbank in the 60s.

    USC Archives

An undated look down San Fernando Rd.
 with the Victory Theatre on the left. It's from
 the California Historical Society. 
full size view

A detail from the USC photo above.
 larger view

Also in the USC collection:
similar view - c.1927 |

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    Burbankia - Wes Clark  |  what's new

A 1928 look at the Victory Theatre. The photo,
by Walters Studio, appeared in a publication with
 the caption "Burbank's leading theatre,which provides
good, clean entertainment for the entire family, featuring
only the best in pictures at popular prices."  Playing is
 "Once and Forever" and "The Bronc Stomper."

The Cine-Globe, a temporary theatre set up in 1969 or '70.
 That's the Burbank Theatre/Victory Building, over on the left.
Thanks to Deanna Bayless
for finding this one!

Also on Burbankia:
| San Fernando Road - 60s-  the Victory
Building/Burbank Hotel is on the left  |

    Oviatt Library - Cal State Northridge

A 20s look at the Burbank Hotel building with the
 Victory Theatre's entrance on the left. The photo
 is from the Burbank Historical Society.
full size view  | on FB/LATheatres

Their caption: "The Burbank Hotel was located at 205 S.
San Fernando Boulevard in the Victory Building. The Victory
 Theatre was a part of the building at the time. Mr. and Mrs. F. G.
Mouffe opened the Victory Theatre on August 2, 1919. In 1979,
the building was demolished and a parking structure for the
Holiday Inn was built in its place."

The photo above also appears on Burbankia. It's also in
 the photo gallery of the Burbank Historical Society.  This
 view appears as photo #12. Also see a 1920 street view
in their collection.

A 1963 shot of the building with the theatre
 re-purposed as part of the Burbank Hotel. The
 photo is from the Burbank Historical Society.
 full size view