Bay Theatre

15140 W. Sunset Blvd.    | map |

Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles), CA   90272

The News: Shopping center developer Rick Caruso (the Grove, Americana at Brand) has big plans to redevelop the Pacific Palisades business district, perhaps including a new Bay Theatre building. The original building, now a hardware store, still exists in another part of the Pacific Palisades business district.

A view toward a new Bay Theatre as envisioned in the plan. Caruso
says it'll be "
how you remembered it, and possibly greater."
 full size view

Curbed L.A. had the details in a December 2014 story by Adrian Glick Kudler: "Here's the Jaw-Dropping Plan..."  Caruso has a Palisades Village website up to support the project.

Opened: The Bay Theatre opened in 1949 with "The Paleface" starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell.

The theatre got twinned in 1972.

Architect:  S. Charles Lee

Seating: 1100, with 80 of those upstairs in a loge section originally. After it got twinned, each side had 400 seats.

Status: It closed September 10, 1978. The theatre was gutted -- the building is now used as a store by Norris Hardware.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Bay for lots of tales by moviegoers who miss it.

   Julius Schulman - Getty Research Institute    

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A 1949 view of the theatre by Julius
 Schulman. It was his job #518.

Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor Hoss C for
finding the photo in the Getty collection. He featured it, along
with other views of the theatre, in his Noirish post #31559.

The exterior on opening night.
In the lobby looking toward the exit
 doors. It's a Jerry Schwartz photo.
full size view

Another lobby view with the snackbar and mural.
full size view

A mural detail.
full size view

The upper foyer mural.
full size view

The entrance to the ladies lounge upstairs.
A look toward the screen by Julius Schulman.
A cropped version of the photo above
 also appears on Cinema Treasures.

Also in the Archive:
 | exterior rendering - not how it got built |

The view west on Sunset Blvd. with what's
left of the Bay Theatre on the left.

photo: Google Maps - 2011

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    Cinema Treasures

Thanks to Bill Gabel for this
colorful look at the facade.

    Los Angeles Public Library

A 1962 look toward the Bay (on the right) as we
 cruise east on Sunset. It's a Terry Sullivan photo.
full size view | on FB/LATheatres

    L.A. Theatres on Facebook

A daytime view of the Bay with its opening
 attraction "The Paleface" on the marquee.
It's part of a post by David Doherty.
 full size view

The view above also appears
on Cinema Treasures.

The Bay Theatre on the back cover of the 1978 Palisades
 High Yearbook. It was a post by Lisa Kurtz Sutton.
full size view | Lisa's original post

Thanks, Lisa!

The image later appeared as a post by
Bill Gabel on Photos of Los Angeles.

    Pacific Palisades - Remember When

A 1969 Bay Theatre shot from the
 collection of Janet Betts Dean.
 full size view | on the Palisades page

    Santa Monica Public Library

The Bay on opening night in 1949 in a photo
from the Pacific Palisades Historical Society.
full size view | on FB/LATheatres

The Bay Theatre in 1953 running "The Fighting Kentuckian."
The photo is from the Pacific Palisades Historical Society.
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  | Esther Williams  - selling tickets at opening |