Alcazar Theatre

4426 Gage Ave.  | map

Bell, CA 90201

Opened:  In 1925 as the Alcazar Theatre. The contractor was W. M. Bell. The theatre's location was just east of Huntington Park, 1 1/2 blocks west of Atlantic Ave. Joe Vogel notes on Cinema Treasures that the estimated cost of the building, including its Estey pipe organ, was $105,000.

The theatre had a fire in 1944 with much of the interior damaged. It soon reopened with new screen, seats and draperies.  The cause was believed to be a smoldering cigarette.

As the Alcazar, it was a longtime Fox West Coast operation. It was known as the Alcazar as late as 1962. Later it was known as the Bell Theatre. It got triplexed in the late 70s and was then known as the Liberty 3 Cinemas.

Architect: Julian.T. Zeller

Seating: Originally announced as 1,800. Later the count was 1,380.

Status: The building was demolished in the late 80s after sustaining damage in the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Alcazar, which they list as the Liberty 3, for some good research by Ken McIntyre, Joe Vogel and others.

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    American Classic Images    

A 1981 look at the Alcazar in its Liberty 3 days.
full size view

The shot above also appears
on Photos of Los Angeles.

A 1983 entrance detail.
full size view


Thanks to Jason Vega for spotting this 1931 view of the Alcazar
on eBay. They're running "Five and Ten" with Marion Davies.
full size view

    Los Angeles Public Library

A 1931 photo of the Alcazar. Playing is a Wallace Beery
 gangster film "The Secret Six."  And for your convenience,
 there's an Ex-Lax store on the corner.
The 1931 photo also appears on page 116 of the
 Arcadia Publishing book "Theatres in Los Angeles."

A proscenium view taken after the 1944 fire.

A look at the Alcazar's auditorium
in 1945 after the redecorating.

"Keep Your Powder Dry" with Lana Turner
and Laraine Day is the attraction on the
 marquee in this 1945 shot.
Note the much earlier sign on the side of the building
 advertising "The Home of Talking Pictures...Movietone 
Vitaphone  Sound Features, Acts and News..."

A closer look at the entrance during
 the run of "Keep Your Powder Dry."
full size view

A 1946 look at the Fox Alcazar's marquee.
  full size view

The 1946 view also appears, with some
 comments, on Photos of Los Angeles.

The Alcazar in 1964, still running
 as a single screen theatre.
  full size view