We despartely need some block captains We need people willing to go around the neighborhood and report problems. For instance there are a lot of fences in need of repair, or that need to be finished. We do not need you to be the one to report to the City. We will do that to protect any retaliation. We just need for you to report to us. Then we will decide what to do. The captain will also report grafitti, trash,  or abonded vehicles let us know.
We need people how love to walk to help us deliver flyers to our neighbors.
 We are having a mini clean-up every two weeks. We need help on Friday night for about 2 hours, to going though the neighborhood and pull out matresses, stoves and all the large trash items that won't fit in the dumpsters and placing them on the sidewalk.. The Association has a grant for this free service. If you are availabe to help us pull out items on the Friday before please come with us. It can be a lot of fun and a way of knowing you are helping your neighborhood!
If you see crime, please report it! Call 242-cops. They will ask your name, but you are not required to give it. They want it so that they can report back to you if they need further information. Please rest assured that your name will not be given out and you will not have to worry about retaliation. If you are still afraid to report the crime, drop us an e-mail and we will do it for you. or come to our association meetings. APD is almost alway there!
If you would like to help the kids or even your neighbors garden come on out. We can always use shovels, hoes, gloves, seeds, plants, compost, maneau, but mostly friendships!