Work in progress

Submitted to books:

  • "Korandje as a Songhay language island". Submitted for ed. Rainer Vossen, Language Islands in Africa, special issue of Journal of Language Contact.
  • "Linguistic unity and diversity in Libyan Berber (Amazigh)". Submitted for ed. Anna Maria Di Tolla and Valentina Schiattarella, Libya between History and Revolution: Resilience and New Narrations of Berber Identity.

Submitted to journals:

  • "When is templatic morphology borrowed? On the spread of the Arabic elative". Submitted to Morphology.

In limbo, formerly submitted to a book since abandoned:

  • "Adposition Borrowing and Complement Position in Northern Songhay".


  • "Kwarandzyey and the Semantic Typology of Pluractionality"
  • "North African ʕallūš/gallūš/qəlwāš: Arabic, Berber, or both?"
  • "Notes on the western Bedouin Arabic dialect and verbal arts of the Doui-Menia of Abadla"

Draft in progress:

  • "Notes on the Berber dialect of Zraoua (Tunisia)"
  • "Wintu: Double negation without Jespersen or Croft"

Promised, extent under discussion:

  • "Tabelbala", for Encyclopédie berbère 42/43.


  • Siwi-English Lexicon
  • Korandjé-English-Arabic Lexicon