Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture (CESLAC)

Since 1992, The Center for Study for Latino Health and Culture (CESLAC), has provided cutting-edge research, education and public information about Latinos, their health and their role in California. Under the leadership of Professor E. Hayes-Bautista, CESLAC at UCLA has been the leading institution in :

  • Exploding myths and stereotypes about Latinos in California Society.
  • Providing reliable data on Latino Health
  • Emphasizing the positive contributions of Latinos to the state's economy and society. 
  • Informing the public about the important emerging Latino medical market.
CESLAC is a resource for community members, business leaders and policy makers who want to gain insightful research and information about Latinos, their health and culture and their impact on California's economy and society. It offers unparalleled insight into Latino issues through an approach that combines cultural research, demographic trends and historical perspective. In addition it has helped the University of California meet it's public service goal by increasing the effectiveness of their outreach to the Latino community. Furthermore it has also provided technical assistance to many non-profit and for-profit organizations.