About the Ranch

Tom Stevens:
Kristi makes sure that I know what I am doing and I am riding safe, responsive, confident and sensible horses that will fill in for me when need be. Her easy going, kind, down-to-earth ways, charm horses and people alike. She notices every small detail, of the horse/rider relationship and is more accomplished at correcting deficits than any trainer I have ever observed.

Deb Kinnett:
I had been riding about 35 years when I met Kristi Plutt. Ranch work, starting colts, and teaching had been an important part of my life. That day, Kristi was riding a 2 or 3 year old colt, offering him a feel that gave him confidence and quietness. I respected what I saw that day and wanted to know her better. The study of horsemanship is a passion for me and Kristi has been a huge blessing in the pursuit of that. She has done things for me that astound me. Generous, kind, merciful, honest and fun are accurate in describing her.  She teaches in a manner that is easily understood and has helped me advance in my horsemanship. Thank you Kristi!

Describing Plutteville by Doug Tabor
Your first notice the horses. There are a lot of them. Geldings are in the pasture closest to the road. Farther in are the yearlings and some older horses. Then pastures for mares, pregnant mares and mares with foals. It's a horse ranch, among other things.

There is a bright blue-roofed barn, but it's used mostly for foaling and storing tack and feed. There are lots of dogs around the house and they greet you as you drive up.

Horses in for training with Kristi might be in the runs closer to the house, but every other horse, except the quarter horse stallion, is in the pasture, including horses owned by boarders.

Every discipline is welcome. At any one time you might find Kristi in the arena training in a western saddle and someone trotting the the pasture riding in English tack. Sometimes people start at the barn and go for a trail ride. It's not about your style of riding, it's about good horsemanship.
There are two round pens and a good sized outdoor arena with lights on the 80 acre property. But the real draw isn't the amenities.

Kristi Plutt is that rare person who is great with horses and people. There isn't a lot of flash and there's never any pretense. Sometimes there's a story. You could call her style "natural horsemanship," but that term means different things. Mostly Kristi teaches people and horses by helping each find the way on their own.

Even when there are people in for clinics, the place is still peaceful. The atmosphere invites you to spend time with horses.