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Here all information about the best energy-saving heating in Europe, exclusive by  Celine Power Spain " Infrared Power"

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Infrared heaters by Celine Power are
the lowest power consumption heater in Europe.

500 watt heater, 8 hours per day for 30 days,
costs 25 Euro power consumption (for 1 month).

We calculate 50-60 Watt/m2 = 50-60 Watt each m2 of the room

( lenght x width of the Room = m2 Square)


If your room have 10 m2 you need  500-600 Watt ( Watt heater)

Simly fix with 2 screw at the wall and plug in to the electric socket


Discount until 15.1.2013,
5% on the already low price