An Adversarial Bidding Game

Highly interactive but simple bidding, trading and  blackmailing game timing a last minute dash for power and eternal glory 

Developed over the last three years, this has been one of the most interactive games we've worked on.  Play is constant with transactions happening all the time and the need to balance your strategy somewhere between grabbing an early lead (and desperately trying to hold on) versus building up an engine and timi
ng a last minute push

Time:  45 mins      Age: 12+      Players: 3-5  

Original Creation:  Haig Tahta
Designers:             Haig Tahta & Rikki Tahta
Artist:                     Andrew Higgins
Inspiration:             Kuhhandel and Medici vs Strozzi
Credits to:             Everyone at La Mame for tons of
                              suggestions and years of testing