Guatemala 1954 (Coup G54)

You are a popular Guatemalan citizen.  It is 1954, the CIA has just orchestrated the first coup toppling the old government and now the country is in chaos with different factions competing for power.   In this environment anyone can become President if they can find the support and eliminate their rivals.   

The same simple Coup mechanics, and great drawings by Andrew Higgins, with a variable deck of character powers.  5 out of 25 potential characters are chosen for each game, so the relative power and advantage of each changes from game to game.   Some characters add more bluffing and some more deduction.  Some characters are marked Advanced only for experienced players.   This is more of a gamer's game than Coup: City State, but if you enjoy the original Coup you will love G54.  This is the version of Coup we now play exclusively. 

We are producing a limited number for Essen.  There should be plenty (1,000) if the train arrives on time.    Unfortunately we will only know on the day !