La Mame Games

Essen 2016
Same location 1-F130

We are family and friends who love playing games.  Every summer we get together in France for a big games-fest.  After enjoying other peoples amazing games for so long, we decided to share some of the ones we created.

New Games for Essen this year are:
Gooseberry:  a short, light, social-deduction game inspired by Fake Artist,Spyfall, and Codenames. A topic is chosen which contains sixteen different subjects. One of those is designated the secret subject and one player becomes the "Gooseberry". The Gooseberry does not know which of the sixteen subjects is the secret and the other players do not know who is the Gooseberry. The goal of the Gooseberry is to remain hidden and figure out the secret subject while all the other players are trying to keep the secret hidden and find the Gooseberry.

Zombie President:  Didn't make it - it was fun in parts, everyone pitching to be president with one person as a Zombie trying to turn the others.  But somehow missing something.  It just wasn't singing. So its back to the drawing board.