" There must be a place for discussion, a place to meet, and a place where people can come, be quiet, discuss, rest, not be involved in all the noise of the world "

What we are

La Maison was opened in May 2009. It is a stately house set in a hectare of land on the edge of the quiet village of Beaumont la Ferrier, in the peaceful, wooded countryside of Burgundy in France.

It is a place dedicated to the exploration of the fundamental issues and questions of living, in a non-dogmatic, non-authoritarian way. To this end the work of J Krishnamurti is found to have a special relevance, but all who are seriously interested in inquiry are welcome here.

So the Centre is a place of learning, a place to inquire into the nature of the self, and the world that that self has created.

What we offer

  • A quiet ordered place for personal retreat and inquiry
  • Special seminars for inquiry into the work of J Krishnamurti
  • Books and audio/material for the study of the work of J. Krishnamurti
  • We also invite groups to use our  facilities for their own purposes such as workshops, seminars, conferences, group retreats  as long as the intentions are in harmony with the general ethos of the place.

Daily living at La Maison

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Morning sun in the wood at La Maison

Morning sun in the woods at La Maison

Helping with the work 
at La Maison

The house from the garden

" Don’t you want to go away sometimes to be quiet and take stock of things and not merely become a repetitive machine, a talker, explainer and expounder? Don’t you want to do that some time, don’t you want to be quiet, don’t you want to know more of yourself? "

" There must be absolute freedom from orthodoxy or traditional movements; there must be total freedom, absolute freedom from all sense of nationalities, racial prejudices, religious beliefs, and faiths "

{all quotations on this website are by  J Krishnamurti}