Navodaya Life
1995 August-2002 April


1.My Friends

2.My Teachers

3.Other Incidents


 For people who don’t know about Navodaya school, its full name is Jawahar Navodaya Vidhayala. It started by Rajiv Gandhi. It was fully controlled and sponsored by Central govt. All the people, including students, teachers and other staff must stay there. And every thing in this school is free, means food, hostel, books dress, every this is free. It follows special syllabus, a mixture of state, CBSE and Navodaya syllabus. It got all the facilities. It encourages the students to excel not only in studies, but also in every field of life. Each district got one Navodaya school and in Kottayam, it is situated in Vadavathoor


 I still love my Navodaya friends. It was really adventurous. It had a great role in my life. It gave me all the strengths to face all the difficulties in my life.


 I still remember the day when the news came in the newspaper, telling I was selected for Navodaya. On that day, 3 things happened. 2 good things and 1 bad thing. I used to read news paper fully before going to school, but on that dy, I couldn’t read news paper. I went to school as usual. In the evening, I returned from the school. When i reached near my home, I understand, there is some thing bad, people are standing here and there. When I reached near Geetha chechi’s home, i understand, some one is missing or killed. When I reached home, every one was very sad and I heard, one of my neighbor, Valsala chechi is missing with her 3 year old kid. Actually, if that bad news were not their, it must be a winning moment for me and my family as their was a great good news also, I got selected in Navodaya school and my name came in the list published in news paper and thus, my name came in news paper for the first time. Every one must be so happy and for me, I must be on the tip of Everest, but due to that bad incident, nothing happened. Later in the evening, near our river, the dead body of that poor mother and child was found. Then, I told you na, about one more happy news? It was about sanction of Telephone for our house. Yu may think, what is great thing in that, but in those days, to get a telephone, we must apply and wait for years. Actually Papa want to keep it us a secret so that it will be surprise for us. But we got another bog surprise, the selection to Navodaya.


  My father’s small brother, Sappan, only brought us this good news. He was the 1st man to come to know about this happy news. When he came and told my amma about this thing, she didn’t believed this news and she run to news paper to verify this. At first, she was very happy as her son got a good chance, but after some time, just like any other loving mother, she became so sad as she don’t want to leave me as Navdaya school is a fully residential school.