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Toothless Smile of Victory

Luis Carlos is one of the founders and original captain of the soccer team. Over the last few years, due to circumstances and lack of resources, Luis Carlos had eventually lost his two front teeth. As a result, he never smiled for pictures. The one on the left is an exception. A mission team from Texas had been working in La Carpio and Luis Carlos was working alongside them. He made a great impression with his work ethic and servant's heart. The group wound up going to the soccer game that Sunday, and was even more impressed with Luis Carlos' leadership and ability on the field. The aforementioned pic on the far left captured the pure joy in Luis C's face after he scored a big time goal. There was a doctor in the group that wanted to help Luis get his smile back. This led to a series of dentist appointments that would span an entire year. A month after the final appointment, Luis Carlos got to go to soccer camp. One of the big surprises was that Alonso Solis, the most famous soccer player in Cost Rica, had arrived at camp. Luis Carlos was snuck in to meet his hero and given an original jersey to have signed. It is believed that someone bragged profusely to Solis about how awesome a captain and champion Luis Carlos has been over the years. God must really love Luis Carlos. There's no other way to explain how he got his smile back, just in time for a photo op that so many kids in Costa Rica only dream of.