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Fair Play/Coffee Maker

Dilan was almost a no show for soccer camp in 2010. His barrio and home life are so troublesome. He lives with his grandmother. When the kid gets to camp though, he's always perfect. Soccer camp was no exception. Dilan was named the captain of his team right away. He instilled teamwork and fair play not only on his team, but with everyone he encountered. Fair play is a big deal in soccer and is also the name of a program designed by FIFA, the international governing body of soccer, to increase sportsmanship. Dilan was not only noticed by the entire camp staff, but also all of the Costa Rica soccer legends in attendance. At the closing ceremony of the camp, Dilan was presented the fair play award for leadership and good sportsmanship. He was interviewed by a sports program that appears on national television. His prize was a gift certificate for a nice retail store. The next day he went shopping and got a coffee maker (with anti-drip technology) for his grandmother. As part of the culture, his family drinks coffee every day. Interestingly enough, this was the first coffee maker in the history of his family. Priceless smile of a fatherless child, another brother further.