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Soccer Team

The soccer team started off like a classic Bad News Bears movie. This was the youngest, smallest and wildest team in La Carpio. Complete with gangsters, they arguably had the worst reputation in the barrio. Over time, they began to believe in themselves. It was an "us against them", "stick it to the man" sort of mentality. Their first season, they made it to the championship game. They were down at the half against a team that was not exactly know for fair play. They got refocused at the half and one of the gangsters on the team scored the winning goal with a minute left.

The following season, the team made it back to the championship game. This time against a team of players who were all over 20 years of age. The entire team had misrepresented their actual ages. This was a league for 15-20 year old kids. The week before the game, the team went to see the gladiator movie 300. The kids were reminded that they were the real champions and that they were the only team that history would remember. Once again, they were the smaller and younger team. Simply put, they destroyed the other team and repeated as champions (pictured). They would go on to win another one. The game went into overtime, and then penalty kicks. It was electrifying. Videos of these championships can be seen in the "smile" section of this site.