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Saprissa Stadium

In 2009, the soccer team had the opportunity of a lifetime, to play in Saprissa Stadium. The President of the Costa Rica Olympic committee was in attendance. Before the tournament, the kids got on their knees and prayed for Laura as she was fighting cancer. As always, the other teams were bigger. Luis Carlos scored a goal (olympico), bending in a corner kick. Before the deciding game of the tournament, the kids changed their team yell to "Laura, Laura" right in the middle of the field. On another corner kick, Leonel centered the ball and his little brother Roberto headed it in. The expression on his face was priceless as he ran and jumped into the arms of his oldest brother, Luis Carlos.  The kids won the game and the tournament. Luis Carlos was awarded a trophy for scoring the most goals. The trophies were all recycled and when the team finished passing around the trophy that they had just won for Laura, their number one fan, it was discovered that the figure on the trophy was indeed a girl soccer player. God already knew. Laura also won her bout with cancer.