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Little Warriors

The little league soccer team was started back in 2007. The team came together fast. The core players were the little brothers and cousins that had been coming to the games of the big team. It was their time. Roberto, Gerald and Manuelito all had older brothers on the big team and they wanted to wear the same numbers that their big brothers wore. The coaches were the players from the big team and it was a great opportunity for them to invest in the future of the program. It was a rite of passage, an opportunity for kids 10-15 years of age to sharpen their skills. Most of these kids would go on to play for the big team of 15-20 year olds. This process would prove to make the entire sports program strong for several years. The little warriors dreamed of winning a championship of their own. They went on to win several, equalling the accomplishments of the big team.