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The Name

La Carpio got it's name from the family that previously owned the land. For some reason, that's why it's a "la" word. Not many people in Costa Rica want to associate themselves with La Carpio. Unfortunately this often includes the people of La Carpio. This is largely in part because the news media only reports the negative things that happen in this amazingly upwardly mobile barrio.

Lalo, a gringo, got his nickname in the early 90's while working in the restaurant business in Austin, Texas. Most of the employees in the kitchen were Mexicans who were given gringo nicknames like Ringo, Roy and Stretch. Rosendo, the butcher and also giver of nicknames was the first to use "Lalo". It is often used as a kids name, short for Eduardo. So the name stuck and it followed Lalo wherever he went in the Spanish speaking world, eventually arriving in Central America.

In Central America, locations are often used to identify people. Hence the name Lalo de La Carpio. It is believed to be one of the earliest instances of someone identifying themselves with this barrio to the point that it even became a part of their identity. Some even believe that the gospel is about identifying with the poor. 

Things are changing though. There are now kids in La Carpio whose online identity includes the name of their barrio. Email addresses and even blogs are emerging as "'their name' de La Carpio". The people of La Carpio are beginning to take pride in the transformation of their own community.